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    Bicycle Helmets

    Gear up – Bicycle helmets for children and babies

    A lack of helmets are the cause of a surprisingly high number of head injuries. Do you remember to use a helmet, when you hop on your bike and ride out into the world? And what about your children?
    If you do not have a bicycle helmet for your child, or if you think that they are uncomfortable to wear, then you should try one from Luksusbaby. We have the coolest and safest helmets for children. They are designed in cooperation with the Dutch center of trauma, to make sure that your child’s head is protected in the best way possible. The helmets are designed in a clever way that makes you able to purchase different covers, to change the looks and style. You can get covers with racing-, flower, flag, fire and star themes. You should also consider to purchase a black sun visor, so that your child does not get the sun in his/her eyes.
    Gear up – Everything else is stupid.