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Bobo Choses

Bobo Choses for the playful children

Bobo Choses makes clothes and more for the playful children – both small and big. All products from Bobo Choses are full of happiness and almost demands that you are playing and having fun while wearing it. At Luksusbaby we love their clothes and we know that you probably also will, when you see their beautiful selection here on this website.

Clothes for the children’s imagination

Bobo Choses is an innovative Catalan brand from 2008. The brand was founded by the two designers Laila Aguilar and Adriana Esperalba. Their concept is very simple: Bobo Choses’ clothes must interact with the minds of the children through fun and colourful prints. Creativity, passion, honesty and humour are keywords that keep turning back in the design of the products from Bobo Choses. This clearly comes to light in their clothes and bags. Bobo Choses has earned international recognition I different prestigious magazines like Vogue. This makes it easy to understand, why Bobo Choses has become a favourite with many mothers.
There is nothing boring about the clothes from Bobo Choses. The many colours challenge the Scandinavian way of thinking about colour and tone in tone. Bobo Choses challenges the minimalism and throws a bit of fun into everyday life with strong colours and funny prints

Quality for the little ones

Bobo Choses is made from nice materials, that the children wear and still be able to move freely and keep warm. Their products have a nice fit and can be used by both boys and girls. The brand does not only make clothes, but they also make beautiful and fun bags and purses. Bobo Choses’ bags are dominated by nice prints, which are irresistible. The bags have a size that makes it perfect for both kindergarten and a trip into nature.

Discover the large selection

Bobo Choses makes several kinds of clothes – So there is definitely something that you cannot resist and have to buy. The collection is very large and consist of clothing for both babies and larger children. For the babies, they have practical body suits so the baby can kick and roll about. Furthermore, they have pant with nice prints and body stockings in a practical rib with cute illustrations. For the bigger kids, they have sweatshirts, pants, underwear and skirts. There is plenty to choose from, so look around and choose your favourite. Their accessories are also something you should take a look at. Bobo Choses make both gorgeous bags, nice umbrellas and cuddly gloves. At Luksusbaby we love a great deal and that is why you can often find products from Bobo Choses on sale. Keep an eye on the site, because we continuously update the site with nice product for you to save money on. If you have any questions regarding size etc.  then we are always ready to help you. We do this to make you feel safe when shopping with us and to make sure that you are going to be happy when you receive your order

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