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BudtzBendix is a Danish brand that creates functional and modern furniture for children in stylish homes. The products are centred around their beautiful tower chair and their functional changing table. The unique design of the product really catches the eye. On this page, you can discover all of their cleaver solutions for both babies and the ones a bit older.

Industrial design for children

BudtzBendix is known for their beautiful, almost raw design. The design is based on an industrial impressed with it’s use of metal, leather, wood and straight lines. Combined with gorgeous colours, the furniture get the perfect mix between raw and soft. The furniture are in no way generic and they are completely unique. This way you can really make a statement with the furniture from BudtzBendix.
The line up from BudtzBendix contains the well-known and Tower Chair, that grows with your child because of its ability to change. The Tower Chair can be fine-tuned to support your child in the best way possible when it is growing up. You can get multiple trays and pillows for the Tower Chair so that it fits both your child and your style. The BudtzBendix changing table is the brand’s other flagship, which will bring joy in many homes. The versatile changing table is nice to look at and can be used for many years, because it can be made into a tent for playing. All you have to do is buy the specially designed canvas. Discover more here on the site

Value for money

Quality is one of the key word at BudtzBendix. You can be sure that their products are durable enough to be living with children. It is very important to be sure of this, when you are investing in children’s furniture, that are meant to withstand many hours of playing, nursing and eating. The materials and design makes sure that the products are easy to keep clean and maintain. This way you can be sure that your furniture is always nice and clean – or that you can quickly make it clean after the have been exposed of some spaghetti Bolognese. BudtzBendix are champions when it comes to making brilliant features, which make their furniture even more useful in the business of everyday life. Especially their mountings are a fantastic solution, because you can make more room quickly by hanging the Tower Chair on the wall.

Mix up the colours

BudtzBendix has made a huge effort to make something for everybody – despite their taste in colours. The expression remains stylish and follows the Scandinavian trends. You have the opportunity to mix up the colours by picking one colour for the Tower Chair or changing table and then you can pick between the many colours of pillows. You can either go for a tone in tone look or make the pillow fill the room with colour. If you have any questions regarding the products from BudtzBendix, then do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to help you on both e-mail, phone and text, so that you can get the perfect furniture for you and your family.

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