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Bundgaard Rabbit Strap Tex Winter Boot Navy VB

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Rabbit Strap Tex is a Bundgaard classic, one of our bestsellers for a number of years.
This is a great winter boot for the tinies that can help keep your little one’s feet warm and dry in chilly winter weather thanks to its warm woollen lining and waterproof Tex membrane*.
This boot comes with a classic lightweight design and a wide fit so that there’s lots of room for tiny toes.
This newer version of our Rabbit Strap Tex comes with a coated læder toe cap that makes the boot really hard-wearing, and it’s brilliant for running around and having fun.
And what’s more, this material makes the boot really easy to clean and maintain.
Rabbit Strap Tex is made with a TPR sole with a rough surface and a chunky profile, giving your child more grip and allowing them to play safely.
The advantage of this material is that it doesn’t change when the temperature alters, so it provides good grip even in cold, slippery conditions.
That’s why Rabbit Strap Tex is the perfect choice for wearing at nursery or daycare.
Rabbit Strap Tex has the same fit as Bundgaard’s classic Ruby II.
Recommended growing room: 12-15 mm.
  • Outer material: leather, suede
  • Inner material: 100% wool
  • Outsole material: TP Rubber
  • Insole material: 100% wool/cork
  • Fixed heel cap
  • Waterproof
  • Closure function: Velcro strap
  • Remember to follow the wash and care instructions
  • Remember to impregnate the boots before use
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