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by KlipKlap

By KlipKlap

By Klipklap makes nice and robust furniture for children, which follows the northern trends. With furniture from by Klipklap in your home you can be sure that they stay beautiful, even when your children are tumbling around on them. It is one of the key thoughts behind the design of the classic folding mattress and the children’s chair, that they should be able to withstand the ones that they are designed for – The children. Here on this site you can find a broad selection of colours and materials.

From idea to reality

The creator behind the company, by Klipklap, Pia Lauritsen, used to search for a mattress for her child. She searched in both shop and online, but had to give up. She wanted a mattress, that were suitable for cosiness and tumbling, but which was designed in an attractive way with the use of good materials. The mattress should at once be able to accommodate the little ones and all their friends, while not taking up too much space at home when not in use.
This was the first step towards the stylish folding mattress from by Klipklap. It has since become a favourite in many families and here at Luxury Baby, we are pleased to offer it as part of our range.

Functional and beautiful design

By Klipklap’s design is both handsome and functional. It will look terrific in any home. The company uses durable and safe materials to manufacture their furniture, so that they create a good foundation for the children’s play. Furthermore, By Klipklap has found the right balance between beautiful upholstering and functionality. The result is very durable furniture, that can withstand the roughness of playing children. Today by Klipklap has multiple products besides their classic folding mattress. They also have a tumbling mattress, which is not foldable, but has the same great qualities as the folding mattress. Also, the folding mattress has evolved and has now got both brothers and sisters, which fold in other ways and comes in different sizes. The palette of colours has also evolved and today there is plenty of northern colours to choose from.
There is also a gorgeous chair from by Klipklap, which will bring joy to many homes. It is made from the same great materials as the folding mattress, but has the shape of a miniature armchair. This way you will get a piece of furniture that is perfect for children, so that they can feel independent and get in and out of the chair by themselves.

Room for tumbling

By Klipklap gives all children the opportunity to unfold themselves in a physical manner by playing and tumbling. Many people struggle to find room for the tumbling toys, but here the folding mattress is truly great. It has many uses and can easily be put away when not in use. As an example, the folding mattress can be made into a chair, sofa, tumbling mattress and mini table. At Luksusbaby we absolutely love the design and we do often have by Klipklap products on sale. This way it is possible for even more people to benefit from the brilliant furniture. If you are considering to invest in some of the products from by Klipklap, you are more than welcome to contact us, if you need help.


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