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Cam Cam

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Cam Cam Create beautiful surroundings in your home.

Cam Cam are designing soft goods and interior for children such as bedding. Cam Cam aims to create beautiful surroundings for that special period in life, where parents make their home ready their new born baby. Cam Cam stand for quality design and everything is thought through down to the smallest details. Everything from materials, stitching and colours has been carefully chosen. With these products, your home will express love and style at the same time. Cam Cam is definitely a go-to brand when you need a little extra luxury.


Let Cam Cam create beautiful surroundings in your home

Cam Cam is a brand that have won the hearts of many Scandinavian moms in a short time. The beautiful products blend in well in any child’s room. They are at once both anonymous and characteristic. If you are familiar with the universe of Cam Cam you are definitely not in doubt when you have one of their products in your hand. This is due to the simple and recognizable colourways, the romantic expression and the great materials that defines the style at Cam Cam. Cam Cam is created by the Danish architect Sara Giese Camre. When she gave birth to her own daughter, she searched for products, that in an aesthetic manner could provide a calming atmosphere. When she decided to sit down by the sewing machine it was not long until she provide her friends and family with great products. It was clear that there was a market for unique products like Sara’s and that is why she created Cam Cam. Today she offers everything from bedding to diapers made from fabric, blankets and pyjamas. The assortment is constantly expanding and each season comes a new collection. It is impressive to watch how Cam Cam is still manages to renew itself while staying true to the original principles.


Cam Cam focus on the environment and sustainable production

Cam Cam is not only beautiful on the outside, but they are also created in a beautiful manner. Cam Cam cares about the environment, sustainable production and social responsibility. Our children are the future and they must have the best possible starting point in life, so that they can grow up healthy – hopefully with lots of imagination, confidence and will. Therefore, Cam Cam is only using organic and GOTS-certified materials in their production. This ensures you that their products are of the highest possible quality and is free of harmful chemicals. The children can safely be put to sleep in Cam Cam bedding and pyjamas. The palette of colour contains simple pastel-colours, so that you are free to mix and match as you want. Make the bedroom complete with a night lamp or a beautiful mobile.

When it time to change the diaper, your baby can also enjoy the great textiles from Cam Cam. If you are at home, you will probably do the changing at a changing table, where your little baby can lie comfortably. Cam Cam also produces special pillow for you baby to lie on while changing. If you are out and about, a diaper change does not have to be less comfortable. All you need is to bring you Cam Cam nursery bag and a Cam Cam changing pad. This way you can make an easy and comfortable diaper change on the move.

You can purchase Cam Cam products here on this site, where we offer a large selection of products.

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