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A Set of Twins Sparked a Dream

What later turned out to be the starting point for Luksusbaby, announced its arrival in 2013. A set of twins named Noor and Naia sent mother, Ann-Louise, on maternity leave, while father, Morten, tended to his job as a police officer. The arrival of the twins sparked an idea for childrenswear. Ann-Louise’s experience in customer service and her passion for fashion led to a real need for a universe where selection, content, personal touch and customer service all come together. The idea for a webshop selling quality childrenswear and where the customer is always right.

From the Living Room to a Warehouse 

Following Ann-Louse’s maternity leave, the living room floor was utilized as storage. The living room in Aalborg quickly became too small and the first storage room became a reality.
In 2014, Luksusbaby moved to a small storage room, quite conveniently located right on top of Post Nord, the post office in Aalborg. From the beginning, day-to-day delivery was a reality and customers were able to place an order one day, even in the evening, and receive it the very next day. At Luksusbaby, our customers are our strongest ambassadors. As customers became return-customers and started recommending the webshop to friends and family, Luksusbaby outgrew the new facility as well.

In October 2015, Luksusbaby moved into a larger storage facility with an office space. The racks started small, but quickly grew as more and more orders were placed and more brands were added to the webshop. The assortment, selection and quantity of brands has also grown, and the storage facility is always full of life from an ever-increasing number of employees.

We loved our pretty yellow storage facility but realized that it simply was not large enough. In the beginning of 2018, we moved to a larger storage facility with room for even more new brands and products. As we extended our range of brands and products and added toys, we started really making use of all the square footage in the facility.

Based in Aalborg

For Morten and Ann-Louise, Aalborg is a safe base. The streets of Aalborg have a very special and cozy atmosphere and it seemed only natural for Aalborg to be the first city to house a Luksusbaby store. In 2016, Luksusbaby, Møllegade 10 in downtown Aalborg opened its doors. The store embodies the same spirit that customers are already familiar with from regarding service, transparency, and flexibility.

The Store Moves Down the Street

The webshop has become popular among parents and grandparents, and after increasing the focus on teen style by adding relevant brands and styles, it has become popular among them as well. With all these great brands and products that we wish to offer our customers, it was necessary to relocate to gain some more square footage. In December 2019, the store moved just down the street from the old location. Here, we are now able to offer plenty of room for parents, grandparents, and baby carriages, and we have created an entire section for teens filled with popular brands and styles.

Luxury From Dubai to Shanghai

Customer loyalty is one of the cornerstones of Luksusbaby. Our customers return repeatedly, also those living outside Denmark. Danish expats frequently had family and friends bring orders from Luksusbaby across the Atlantic. This resulted in an international webshop which launched in 2017, both to make the process easier for our foreign customers and to aid the dear family members traveling with overweight luggage, whether the trip would go to Dubai, the United States or Australia. Today, Luksusbaby happily ships to customers all over the world.

When Hard Work Pays Off

It would have been difficult to predict Luksusbaby’s success. However, if you believe in something and work hard to succeed, the time spent on preparations is time well spent. With that, it is extra special when all the hard work and the high level of customer service is recognized. When organizations and associations recognize Luksusbaby’s potential and the hard work invested, it is a huge motivational factor, which also makes the late nights spent working just a bit more fun.

In 2014, Luksusbaby became 'Aarets Hoejdespringer' (High Jumper of the Year) among Dan Domain’s 5000 webshops. To receive this recognition, relatively early in the process, was an indicator that Luksusbaby was heading in the right direction. One year later this was confirmed yet again, as Luksusbaby came in second in the category 'Best Children's Clothing WebShop' by Boern i Byen (Children in the City).

In 2017, Luksusbaby was nominated at the E-commerce Prize, hosted by FDIH, a Danish Internet Trade Association. Luksusbaby was nominated in the categories 'Best B2C Business, Online Sales From 3 - 30 Million DKK' and the ‘Branch Price 2017 - Fashion‘, and came in second in the ‘Branch Price 2017 – Fashion’.

Luksusbaby – Fashion for the Little Ones

If you say Luksusbaby, you also say 'fashion for the little ones'. It is important to have a wide range of high-quality products. However, for Luksusbaby, the word 'luxury' holds a deeper meaning.

The company is based on transparency, simplicity, and loyalty - three factors that are implemented in the webshop, the store and the relationship with customers and suppliers. ‘Customer service’ has become such an ordinary expression today that we, as customers, tend not to expect anything out of the ordinary. Until we encounter a service that sets the bar for the expectations and the requirements we will have for service in the future.

For Luksusbaby, it is our mission to be the ones to set that bar. Whether you encounter Luksusbaby online, in the warehouse, in the store or on the phone, we are always ready to answer any questions that you may have. Our goal is to have happy, satisfied, and loyal customers. Therefore, we offer a service that is not available everywhere. All brands at Luksusbaby have been carefully selected based on our own experiences with quality and design. Luksusbaby’s employees and all their dear children, who are some of the best critics, are happy to test and evaluate the clothes. The selection of brands at Luksusbaby is based on careful consideration regarding the customers' wishes and needs and what the company can vouch for in terms of quality, fit and design.

Luksusbaby anno 2022

Today, Luksusbaby has nearly 200 employees working diligently at the webshop, in the stores and at the warehouse, and more new faces continuously join the different departments.

Our new headquarters in Støvring is still in development and the forth wing of our warehouse is underway. Once completed, we will have even more room to store current and future quality items and brands to offer our wonderful customers.

At the webshop, we are always available to assist you via our chat, social media, phone and e-mail, and if you stop by the warehouse, you will see our packers working at ninja speed every day to ensure that you will receive great looking packages quickly. We aspire to make your shopping at Luksusbaby simple, transparent and inspirational. We look forward to welcoming you online and in our stores.


In 2020, Ann-Louise made a podcast delving into the story of Luksusbaby. Listen to the podcast here

Welcome to Luksusbaby!

Best wishes,
Ann-Louise and Morten

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