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    The History about LUKSUSBABY


    A Set of Twins – and so the Dream Began

    What later proved to be the starting point for Luksusbaby, announced its arrival into the world in 2013. A pair of twins named Noor and Naia sent mother Ann-Louise on maternity leave while father Morten took care of his work as policeman. The childbirth gave some thoughts about children's clothes for the little ones. With Ann-Louise's customer service experience and passion for fashion, a real need for a universe where selection, content, distinctiveness of personality and, not least, customer service quickly emerged. The idea of a web shop selling quality clothes for children where the customer always comes first and compromises are a city in Russia, took off speed.

    From the Living Room to a Storage

    After the maternity leave, the living room floor was used as a storage. The living room in Aalborg quickly became too small. Therefore, the first storage room became a reality. In 2014, Luksusbaby moved to Aalborg, quite conveniently on top of Post Nord, the post office.

    From the beginning, day-to-day delivery was a reality and customers were able to place an order one day and receive it the next. At Luksusbaby, customers are the strongest ambassadors. As they began to return and recommend the web shop to friends and family, Luksusbaby grew out of this new storage in Aalborg.
    In October 2015, Luksusbaby moved into a larger storage with office space. It quickly became a fact that the run after the mail truck to get all packages sent the same day now was a bit longer. However, a run we were happy to take. The racks started small, but they quickly grew up under the ceiling as more and more orders were placed and more brands were added to the web shop. Today, Luksusbaby's storage and web shop are based on Gasværksvej, where more storages now are in use. The assortment, selection and quantity of brands have also grown and the storage is always full of life from an always-increasing number of employees.

    Aalborg, Denmark, is Luksusbaby’s Home Ground

    To Morten and Ann-Louise, Aalborg is the safe base and thus Luksusbaby's home ground. The streets in Aalborg have a very special and cozy atmosphere. Therefore, Aalborg should of course be the first city to house a Luksusbaby store. In 2016, the doors opened to Luksusbaby in Møllegade 10, in Aalborg city. The store has the same spirit that the customers already know from, with service, transparency and flexibility.


    Luxury from Dubai to Shanghai

    Customers' loyalty is one of the core stones for Luksusbaby. They return repeatedly, also the ones living outside Denmark. Foreign Danes frequently make family and friends bring orders from Luksusbaby over the Atlantic.

    Therefore, an international web shop was launched in 2017, both to make the process easier for foreign customers and help the dear family members with the overweight in their suitcases, whether the trip would go to Dubai, the United States or Australia. Today, Luksusbaby sends to customers all over the world.


    When the Many Working Hours Pay Off

    It would have been difficult to predict Luksusbaby’s success. Nevertheless, if you believe in a project and work for success, the preparation time is well given. Therefore, it is extra special when all the hard work and high level of customer service are recognized. It is a motivation factor when organizations and associations see potential in Luksusbaby, which also makes the late nights a little bit funnier.

    In 2014, Luksusbaby became 'Aarets Hoejdespringer' (The high jumper of the year) among Dan Domain’s 5000 web shops. This recognition, relatively early in the process, was an indicator that Luksusbaby was heading in the right direction. One year later this was confirmed once again, as Luksusbaby came in second in the category 'Best Children's Clothing Web Shop' by Boern i Byen (Children in the City).

    In 2017, Luksusbaby was nominated by the E-commerce Prize, held by FDIH, a Danish Internet Trade Association. Luksusbaby was nominated in the categories' Best B2C Business, Online Sales From 3 - 30 Million DKK 'and the ‘Branch Price 2017 - Fashion ‘, and came in second in the ‘Branch Price 2017 - Fashion.

    Luksusbaby – Fashion for the Little Ones

    If you say Luksusbaby, you also say 'fashion for the little ones'. It is about having a wide range of high quality products. However, for Luksusbaby, the word 'luxury' has a deeper meaning.

    The company's foundation is based on transparency, simplicity and loyalty - three factors that are implemented in the web shop, the store and the relationship with customers and suppliers. ‘Customer service’ has become such an ordinary expression today that we as customers do not expect the world. Until we encounter the service that sets the level for the expectations and the requirements, we want for service in the future.

    For Luksusbaby, it is a mission to be the ones to set the standard. Whether you meet Luksusbaby online, in the storage, in the store or on the phone, we are always ready to answer the questions that you may have. Our goal is to have happy, satisfied and loyal customers. Therefore, we offer a service that is not available everywhere. All brands at Luksusbaby have been carefully selected based on own experiences with quality and design. Luksusbaby’s employees and all their dear children, who are some of the best critics, are happy to test and evaluate the clothes. The selection of brands at Luksusbaby is based on careful consideration about the customers' wishes and needs and what the company can vouch for in terms of quality, fit and design.

    Today, Luksusbaby has about 30 employees working on the web shop, in the store and in the storage. The shop is full of life and a nice atmosphere and we will always meet you with a smile and a helping hand. At the web shop, we are always ready to chat, phone and mail to help you with whatever question you may have.  

    Luksusbaby wants to make your shopping simple, transparent and inspiring. 

    We look forward to seeing you online and perhaps someday in the store. 

    Welcome to Luksusbaby!

    Ann-Louise and Morten