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Dantoy Bio Car Wash Garage

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The car wash garage comes in pretty colours with three cute little cars. The set can be used indoors and outdoors and provides fun rides and play that sparks the child’s imagination and strengthens fine motor skills from the age of 1. After driving through the sand, mud and puddles, cars can go through the car wash and become clean. Cars can also be washed in the dishwasher if a major car wash is needed. You can easily add other cars from the FunCars range, which also has other types of garages for fun play. The blue car wash garage is produced by dantoy in Denmark, made of Nordic Eco-labelled plastic. The set includes 4 pieces in fine, subtle colours. This product is recommended for children aged 12+ months.
  • From 1 year
  • 4 pieces
  • Danish-made
  • Swan-labeled (Ecolabel)
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Remember to follow the washing and usage instructions

"Introduce your child to a world of sustainable play with the Dantoy Bio Car Wash Garage! This amazing toy car wash and garage isn't just fun; it's also an environmentally conscious choice for future generations.

The Dantoy Bio Car Wash Garage is part of Dantoy's Bio range, designed with a focus on sustainability and eco-friendliness. It's made from bioplastic derived from sugarcane, making it CO2-neutral and gentler on the planet. This is a way to teach children the importance of sustainability and environmental awareness from an early age.

The toy car wash and garage come with everything your child needs to create their imaginative adventures. It includes a car wash with rotating brushes, a gas pump, a car, and, of course, a garage with a spiral ramp. Your child can engage in fun and realistic play, washing cars, refueling them, and parking them in the garage.

This toy isn't just fun; it also helps develop essential skills like fine motor skills, creative thinking, and role-playing. It provides hours of entertainment and learning simultaneously.

The Dantoy Bio Car Wash Garage is manufactured with a focus on safety and quality. It's free from harmful substances and designed to withstand play and wear and tear for a long time.

Give your child a unique play experience that also teaches them about sustainability with the Dantoy Bio Car Wash Garage. It's an excellent way to combine fun with important learning about the environment. Order it today and watch your child create their sustainable adventures."

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