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  • Ann-Louise is the woman in charge. She purchases the best products for our amazing customers.
    She knows EVERYTHING about quality, trends, materials and sizes.
    Ann-Louise and Morten actually test our products at home with their cute twins, Noor and Naia.
    Moreover, she is our ultimate Instagram-nerd. She always makes sure that our customers are updated with the best pictures and SoMe materials.

    Ann-Louise is described as a great, talkative and energetic person. 
    You can frequently locate her at her SoMe photo-location in the warehouse.
    Owner - Shopping and social media
  • Morten is Luksusbaby’s multitasker. He is the definition of customer-service! Therefore, Morten is always ready to answer any question you might have. He is supported by Ann-Louise whenever guidance is needed. Morten always put the customer first! And he always walks the extra mile to make sure the company succeeds.
    Moreover, Morten also manage the employment of employees, interns and students.

    Morten is described as the always caring, talkative and friendly person.
    Owner - all around
  • Malene is Luksusbaby’s customer-service idol, and she has been here the longest. She manages all the chats, phone-calls, mails and occasional furniture orders.
    She is always corresponding with the costumers in a good mood and helping them out with any issue that might occur. She contributes to the workplace with a positive atmosphere. The customer is always the number one priority.
    Malene strives for doing her best, and if you have any questions regarding your purchase or products, Malene is the one you call.

    Malene is described as the good-looking one and the one who talks the most! You are always able to hear her voice, wherever you are in the warehouse.

    Costumer service - Chat, telephone and mail
  • Sandie is a part of Luksusbaby’s customer-service department, and she has a lovely Northern Jutland mannerism.
    Sandie manages the chats, mails and phone-calls. The customer is always met with a positive tone and a helpful state of mind.
    Sandie is described as an outgoing and down-to-earth person.

    Customer service - Chat, telephone and mail
  • Sara Maria is a part of the Luksusbaby customer-service department. She is excellent at juggling between tasks and different processes.
    She is always focused on contributing to the highest level of service to our amazing customers.
    Sara Maria prioritizes continuously improving herself, so she is able to guide our customers through our large product range. 
    Sara Maria is described as a very holistic, down-to-earth and happy person.

    Sara Maria
    Customer service - Chat, telephone and mail
  • Mia is Luksusbaby’s best and most patient person in returns. She manages returns and she is the one you have a dialogue with, regarding returns. We always hope that our customers are pleased with their purchase, however if this is not the case, it is possible to return your package, where Mia always will be ready to assist you.

    Mia is described as the women with the big overview and is excellent in delegating tasks. Other than that, she remembers everything!

    Webshop -return/ return packages
  • Cecilie is Luksusbaby’s Store Manager in Aalborg
    You cannot enter the store without receiving greetings from a welcoming Cecilie. Do not be afraid of her Norwegian accent! She is absolutely knowledgeable in the Luksusbaby universe, and she is always quick on her feet. Cecilie and the other store-employees makes sure that their Instagram profile is always updated with the newest trends in the store.

    Cecilie is described as a very talkative and outgoing woman, who brings a smile with her wherever she goes.

    Store manager - Aalborg
  • Derekshan is the Luksusbaby Store Manager in Aarhus.
    She is responsible for the daily operation and managing the store staff. You will always be met with welcoming greetings from Derekshan.

    Derekshan is described as a helpful, delightful and outgoing colleague.

    Store manager - Aarhus

    Store decorator- Aalborg and Århus store
  • Susanne is Luksusbaby’s hardworking economics woman. She is managing all of the heavy numbers, but she is loves it.
    Moreover, is she managing the administration and daily operation of the webshop. Susanne is also in direct dialogue with the students and interns.

    Susanne is described as the always happy and accommodating one.

    Webshop - Administration, HR and economic
  • Daniel is Luksusbaby’s one and only male in the office. He creates all of the newsletters and the excellent pictures for the webshop. Moreover, he also works with e-commerce, and makes sure, all the new products are ready on the webshop. 

    Daniel is described as a lady’s man! He is a quick-learner and is always fast at implementing products on the webshop. 

    Webshop - e-commerce, newsletter and graphic design
  • Julie is Luksusbaby’s quickest to set-up new items, so the products are ready for our customers on the webshop. Julie is in charge of purchasing toys for the webshop. Therefore, she can’t help keeping herself updated for trends or news regarding toys.

    Julie is described as the efficient one, you cannot avoid noticing her, she is everywhere and always in a good mood. Julie is also our writing-nerd and author of our texts. She always makes sure that our texts are well-written and exciting.

    Webshop - e-commerce, author and responsible for toys and interior
  • Michelle is our Luksusbaby translator and manages our English webshop. She is making sure that the translations are as correct as possible.
    Moreover, she also works with e-commerce, and makes sure products are ready for our costumers on the webshop.

    Michelle is described as the quiet and calm one, always with a smile and completes her tasks on point.

    Webshop - e-commerce, translate and coordinator on the English side
  • Nadia is Luksusbaby’s new marketing coordinator. She is responsible for most of the marketing, and keep tracks on all of the SoMe platforms, also looking into the effects of the used marketing-strategy.

    Nadia is described as the woman who carry out her tasks, who is always in control and completes her job excellently. Moreover, Nadia is always smiling and happy.

    Webshop - Marketing coordinator
  • Sofie is one of Luksusbaby’s e-commerce employees. She is setting-up products and items, making sure that the webshop is updated. 

    Sofie is described as a very down-to-earth and accommodating person. She always completes her tasks excellently.

    Webshop - e-commerce
  • Thea is Luksusbaby’s patient employee who also set-up products and items quickly onto the webshop. She always delivers to excel and there are never any misunderstandings.

    It might also be the voice of Thea you are able to hear in customer-service, where she always provides the best service for our customers.
    Thea is described as the patient, nice and calm one.

    Webshop - e-commerce and customer service
  • Jennie is Luksusbaby’s Swedish employee, who manages the Swedish market. She brings knowledge of the Swedish market and updates Swedish SoMe. Jennie is also in charge of the Swedish homepage being correctly translated.

    Jennie is described as the quiet, calm and helpful one, who always deliver on time.

  • Jun is Luksusbaby’s international employee, she is located both in Aalborg and Aarhus. She is mainly located in Aarhus. Jun is managing every factor that is relevant to China and the Chinese market. This entails comprehending the market and market knowledge.

    Jun is described as an intellectual and down-to-earth person.

  • Mia is Luksusbaby’s hard-working woman who is responsible for all goods receipt.

    Mia is described as the one with the great charisma. She is always running around, and are used to managing tons of tasks, all at once.

    Warehouse - goods receipt
  • Anita is one of Luksusbaby’s most experienced employees. She has been here for a very long time, and therefore is she very knowledgeable about the company. She is also one of the closing managers, who makes sure that the warehouse is perfect and efficient. She is always on her feet and ready to help the customers.

    Anita is described as the positive, helpful and patient one.

    Warehouse - operations manager
  • Lykke is Luksusbabys all-around employee on the main floor, and she is responsible for the daily operation. She always makes sure that the staff is being efficient.

    Lykke is described as calm and down-to-earth, who brings a smile wherever she goes. Her name means happiness in danish, which is exactly what she brings to the table.

    Warehouse - operations manager
  • Amanda is one of Luksusbaby’s closing managers. She is part of the team, where she makes sure that everyone is doing their best. She is always positive, and she helps anyone who asks.

    Amanda is described as the always out-going, helpful and happy girl.
    Warehouse - closing manager
  • Cecilie is one of Luksusbaby’s closing managers. She makes sure that everything is running perfectly and motivates her co-workers.

    Cecilie is described as the positive and happy girl who always provides help for those who ask.

    Warehouse - closing manager
  • Katharina is Luksusbaby’s friendly closing manager. She makes sure that everyone has their hands full, and that their tasks are solved correctly.

    Katharina is described as the one who is always on time, happy and positive.

    Warehouse - closing manager
  • Kathrine is one of Luksusbaby’s closing managers. She is responsible for the process’ in the warehouse and that everything runs smoothly. She is always ready with a helping hand, in different departments of Luksusbaby.

    Kathrine is described as the sweet, helpful and positive one.

    Warehouse - closing manager
  • Nicole is Luksusbaby’s closing manager. She is here, when everybody goes home, she makes sure that everything is in proces before she leaves the warehouse. Moreover, you will always see her smiling, when she walks around in the warehouse. 

    Nicoline is described as the humorist, who is always fun to be around.

    Warehouse - closing manager
  • At Luksusbaby we have approximately 75-80 awesome packaging girls and boys. They play a major role in making sure the packages are being perfectly managed and wrapped with love and gummies.
     Package girls
    Package and pick girls
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