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    • Ann-Louise is the one with the complete overview, and she manages to buy the best products for you - our customers. She knows everything about quality, trends, materials and sizes.

      Ann-Louise and Morten have the best possible testers of our products at home, in their sweet twins Noor and Naia.

      She is also our Instagram-nerd and does always make sure that out customers are updated with nice pictures.
      Owner - Ann-Louise Christine Aasted
    • Morten is a great multitasker. He is the epotime of customer service, therefore he is always ready to answer whatever question you may have - supported by Ann-Louise when extra guidance is needed.

      Morten always puts the customer first, and he gladly walk that extra mile to make things happen - whatever it may be concerning Luksusbaby.
      Owner - Morten Grabowski Kjær
    • Anita is top efficient when all the new products arrive. She has the big overview of our warehouse and knows what products we have on the shelves.

      That's why Anita is just as fast to handle the orders that you make on the web shop. She knows the warehouse inside out and makes sure that the right products are packed.
      Web shop - Anita Lauesen Friborg
      Web shop - stock
    • Malene is the one you meet in our customer service with a super nice phone-voice.

      She has the big overview of the orders on the web shop and always knows what we have on the shelves.

      She gets your package shipped faster than you can say 'Luksusbaby'.
      Web shop - Malene Larsen
      Web shop - stock
    • Mia handles the products you return. She is the one you talk to or meet via e-mail if you have any questions about returning products.

      Of course, we don't hope that you will need to return your products, but Mia is always ready to help you.
      Web shop - Mia Fjeldsted
      Web shop - return packages
    • Web shop - Jannie Schneider
      Web shop - marketing
    • Web shop - Pernille Baden Andersen
      Web shop - product creation
    • Store Manager - Cecilie Haraldsen
      Store manager
    • Store - Frederikke Skov Winther
      Store - sales assistant
    • Store - Julie Hørup Hoberg
      Store - sales assistant
    • Store - Maria Rothmann
      Store - sales assistant
    • Store - Simone Rubani Skov
      Butik - salgsassistent
    • Store and webshop - Karina Brunø
      Store and webshop
    • Web shop Girls
      Web shop Girls