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FILIBABBA Multi Pillow Juno Harvest

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  • 80,49EUR
Juno multi pillow is a versatile version of our classic nursing pillow. Use your Juno throughout your pregnancy and your child’s first year.
Our Juno pillow comes with a case made from 100% organic cotton and has multiple functions. Use your Juno as a:

Pregnancy pillow
Nursing pillow
Nest / chair for baby
Companion for “tummy time” for your baby

Discover all the details of your new Juno pillow:
As a pregnancy pillow, Juno relieves your lower back, pelvic area, legs and of course your growing belly.
As soon as your baby has arrived the multi pillow creates great support for both parents and baby when nursing or bottle-feeding. No matter if you prefer to breastfeed your little one in the classic cradle hold, side-lying or laid-back position, Juno is here to support you and your baby in the best way. Juno provides the extra stability that allows you and your baby to sit up or lie down comfortably. A relaxed position is essential for your breast and/or bottle feeding journey as it helps you to avoid tensed up arms and shoulders and supports close contact between you and your baby, which helps your baby to latch on well.
Our Juno multi pillow is always ready for playtime: Just tie the ends together and create a cosy nest for your baby. When your little one is ready for tummy time, our Juno multi pillow will be a great companion on the floor. Simply lay your child over the pillow on the stomach to help her to develop strong neck and shoulder muscles and promote motor skills.
Is your little one ready to sit up? Just use our Juno pillow to support your baby's back. Later, the pillow can be used to make your toddlers play corner even more cosy.
Inside the multi pillow is filled with antibacterial Krøyer balls, also known as expanded Polystyrene foam beads. The beads make the multi pillow easy to shape and create great comfort.
Our Juno multi pillow is covered with 100% organic cotton muslin for an ultra-soft feel and a beautiful look. The cover can easily be taken off and washed at 40 degrees.
  • 20 x 32 cm
  • Cover: 100% organic cotton muslin
  • Filling: 100% antibacterial curling balls
  • Remember to follow the washing and use instructions
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