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Games and Puzzles - when the family gets together

Is there anything more fun, than when the whole family gets together around a game or a puzzle? We all have memories of losing a game of Ludo, winning a game of buck, finding a correct pair in a memory game or the time you made a puzzle with a thousand pieces for the first time. We have probably played the games a thousand times and the puzzle is also the same, but what we remember is the time we spent together with family and friends, and the concentration that arises when doing a puzzle or playing a game.

You are never too old to participate, and it is so much fun to sit and play a game or doing a puzzle that you remember from when you were a child. And haven’t most of us heard or said the phrases: “When I was a child, I always had the yellow piece”, “Dad was a really sore loser”, or: “When I was a child, it was always the corner pieces that were the hardest”. But the memories are always associated with something positive and happy. Because in the moment of doing a puzzle or playing game, we are in it together and it creates a very special feeling of closeness and togetherness. When we play a game as a family, family history is created.


Games and puzzles creates smarter children

Even though games and puzzles are something we associate with fun and entertainment, there is also an aspects of learning when we sit and concentrate doing a puzzle. Deep down, most of us has a winning instinct that is not necessarily about winning the game, but just as much about getting smarter and better at the game. So the next time you play chess, the kids will know that the pawn is the first to be moved. Or when you play Ludo, it is not necessary to ask what the globe on the dice means anymore - they just make the move. Even when making a puzzle, the children will lean and become smarter. After many times where it has taken so long to find the pieces, the children will figure out to do the edges first - and then it is a piece of cake.

So even though games and puzzles are relaxing, fun, and a bonding activity, there is also an aspect of learning involved - and the children love it.


Puzzles for children of all ages - even the grandparents can join

Doing a puzzle never gets boring! Little children startes with the button puzzles from Djeco where they explore which places the large pieces may fit into. When the children gets older they manage more and more pieces, and suddenly they can do an Eeboo puzzle of 1000 pieces. A puzzle is not easy - it is challenging and instructive which may be some of the reasons they appeal both children and grown ups.


Are you looking for games or puzzles for children? Luksusbaby has them!

Whether you are into board games, puzzles, sensory games or something completely different - you can find something for everybody here at Luksusbaby. We have a carefully selected range of games and puzzles for children of all ages. Are you looking for the feeling game from Djeco? Or the memory game from PlanToys? The possibilities are endless, and you can definitely find a lot of inspiration for your next game night right here.

Order your games from Luksusbaby and receive them as quickly as possible

We understand that you want to have your games and puzzles delivered as quickly as possible. When you shop at, you can always count on that we send your package as quickly as possible. You can read more about our terms of delevery here.

Here at Luksusbaby, we hope that you are happy with your order as soon you open the package. If you have any questions at all about your order, other products, delivery or something completely different, our customer service is ready and happy to help you. You can contact them every day - all year round from 7am to 11pm.

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