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Gift ideas for your baby's first birthday

Are you suprised by the fact that your baby is already turning his first year? And are you left with a feeling of not knowing where that past year went? Then we hear you and know exactly how you feel! And in the middle of the speculations over where that first year went you have totally forgotten to make a wishlist for the upcoming 1st birthday party. Then do not worry, we have got your back and have made a list of gift ideas that your one-year-old will just love!

Stacking blocks

With these fun and colorful stacking blocks your baby is guaranteed hours of entertainment. Your baby will love to tumble down the stacking blocks over and over again. Also, the beautiful and funny motives can lead to a lot of conversations about colors, animals and numbers.

Soft ball with sound effect

This ball will ensure a well-entertained one-year-old with it's great sound effects that are activated when the ball hits the ground. A ball is a great toy because it can be incorporated in many games and it can be a great way to practice eye-hand-coordination. 

Activity toys

Activity toys come in many shapes, sizes and colors and can have a lot of different functions. This whale from B-Toys have features such as lights and sounds which definitely will be amusing for your baby. Furthermore the whale shoots balls from it's blowhole and these then slides down the blue slide. This whale calls for many hours of fun!

Pull-a-long toys

Now that your baby is turning one he will probably be up and walking around or else he will do so any time now. Therefore a pull-a-long toy will be great fun! Pull-a-long toys come in many different motives, which ensures that you can pick one that will suit your babys interests. 

Creative toys 

If your kid loves to be creative and get greasy, play-doh will be a big hit for a birthday gift! The play-doh comes in great colors and can lead to hours of play. Furthermore creative and greasy plays contributes to enhance your baby's fine motor skills and it can also be a sensory experience to play with play-doh or finger paint.

Stuffed animals

A baby and a stuffed animal must be the prefect match! Every one-year-old will just love to hug and cuddle with a soft and cute stuffed animal. Stuffed animals come in a huge range of different figures which makes it easy for you to pick just the one that will amuse your kid the most whether your kid loves animals, cupcakes or maybe sushi? We've got you covered either way!

Puzzles and games

Puzzles and games can be introduced already when your baby is turning one, which makes for a great gift idea. Puzzles for the one-year-old should be with few bricks and preferably with knobs which gives the baby a better chance of handling the bricks. 

The first bike

When your child is turning one he will soon be able to ride a three-wheeled bike, so why not get him one for his birthday? Most three-wheeled bikes can be used from 15 months and surely your child will love to be crusing aorund one!
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