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Creativity, Play And Imagination With HAMA

On a rainy afternoon or a cold winters day, it is important to have some activities to do for both the older and younger kids. And HAMA beads are a perfect choice. With HAHA beads, kids can be creative and get a fun hobby making cute and funny figures that parents can keep for many years. The kids’s quirky creations will bring out so many memories if they are carefully stored.

Playing with beads is an amazing activity for kids, because they get to focus and concentrate, be creative and strengthen their fine motor skills - and on top of that, it is just nice to have a little quiet time for both younger and older kids. With HAMA beads, it is not just creativity that’s at play, but also their motor skills and logical thinking are challenged. Children’s physical and mental skills are developing while sitting and playing with beads. HAMA delivers learning in a fun way for both younger and older children - they will be a favorite of most children.


A World of HAMA Beads

HAMA beads are made in a great amount of colors, only the imagination sets the limit for what can be created of funny figures and patterns. With HAMA beads, you and your children can create matching patterns in all colors of the rainbow. With beads in all colors, kids can create just what they want to - there are no limitations and many great, quirky and funny options with HAMA beads.

The large and colorful selection from HAMA makes it possible to make decorations for any holiday to decorate around your house. You can, for instance, go crazy with the yellows for easter and create little chickens and colorful easter eggs. For christmas you can use all the reds, whites and greens you’d like to make decorations for both the house and the christmas tree. There are no rules, so let your imagination run free.


HAMA Beads For Children Of All Ages

HAMA beads are made in different sizes, so children of most ages can join the fun. HAMA maxi beads are recommended for children from age 3, and are perfect for the little fingers because they are easier to handle. The are easier to place on the pegboard so there is no excuse not to get creative. At Luksusbaby, we sell HAMA maxi beads in different colors and sets where funny motives are included, which makes it easier for the kids to create funny figures.

For the older children, we have HAMA midi beads, that are recommended for children from age 5. With these beads, you can make both funny figures and beautiful jewelry. The great activity sets are perfect for making unique and beautiful jewelry, either from themselves or as gifts - they will definitely bring joy for both old and young. As for funny figures, here at Luksusbaby we have cute sets with figures like Olaf, Elsa and Anna from Frozen. If the kids aren't into princesses, we have cool Cars sets as well. With these, is’t possible to create cool figures of Lightning McQueen and his friends. It will be full speed ahead with these beads! Or maybe your child likes animals? Then the gift sets with different animals are perfect for you. With these HAMA beads your child can make the cutest animal faces, and we wonder if they wont look great as decoration in the children’s room?


HAMA Makes It Easy With Books On Beads

After many hours of playing with HAMA beads, it can be difficult to keep coming up with new, creative ideas and funny figures. Luksusbaby to the rescue! We carry the popular beads books by Anja Takacs. The beads books helps kids to get started making different designs in a fun and easy way. With simple instructions there is hours of fun for the whole family. You place the pegboard directly on the book, on the pattern you’d like to make - it doesn't get any easier. There are different books with many different designs, such as animals, christmas motives, and decorations. Here is something for everyone, so get started now!


Play, learning and creativity at Luksusbaby

Are you looking for more creative, challenging, and developing toys? At Luksusbaby, we have a great and vast selection for both older and younger children. Toys are more than just entertainment and for passing time - they can be tools for learning and development for children at all ages. At Luksusbaby, we only carry toys that live up to our high quality standards. The toys that we carry are made of recognized brands that we proudly vouch for.

In addition to the great and creative Hama beads, you can also choose between other amazing brands like Djeco, Jellycat and Bolden. You can find many great items at great prizes. And if you keep an eye out, you might get lucky and find something on sale, where there can be a lot of money to safe.


Order HAMA brands today and get creative

Have you found the perfect HAMA products? It can all easily and quickly be ordered online here at Luksusbaby. When you shop with us, you can always count on a quick delivery. We ship worldwide, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Read more about terms of delivery here.

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