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Ida Ising

Ida Ising
Ida Ising produces fantastic nursery bags. They are designed from her own experiences as a mother and therefore they fulfil every possible need – The perfect nursery bag for you and your child. At Luksusbaby you will find a nice selection of products from Ida Ising, like multiple variants of the popular nursery bag as well as practical accessories.
Choose among the wonderful products on this page, where we often have items on sale.

Choose a nursery bag from Ida Ising with room for everything

The first years of changing diaper demands the right equipment. With at nursery bag from Ida Ising you will always be able to carry along to most essential items. It can be difficult to have your baby with you, when you are out and about. Not everywhere you go has a changing table at your disposal. With a nursery bag from Ida Ising you can make your own little changing station anywhere in no time. At the kitchen table, in the park or in a public restroom. The nursery bags from Ida Ising are available in multiple colours, all of which in unisex colours and design. This is so both mom and dad is going to want to use it. The bags are created based on Ida Ising’s own needs as a mother. When Ida Ising was pregnant with her first child, she got a homemade nursery bag from her mother in law. This bag got plenty of positive comments. This became the start of the brand of Ida Ising that we know today

Ida Ising nursery bags for the discerning mother

Nursery bags from Ida Ising are for the discerning parents, that are not willing to cut corners when it comes to comfort and quality. The products are made from durable materials and they will last you a long time – even if used every day. The adjustable straps make it easy to hang the bag on the baby carriage and so on.
The nursery bags from Ida Ising all have plenty of room and multiple little pockets for diapers, an extra set of clothes, rags and other items that you might need. When you are on the move, you need to be able to make a quick and hygienic diaper change – And make It a good experience for both the parent and child.

Purchase Ida Ising nursery bags online at Luksusbaby

At Luksusbaby we have made it easy to shop for a nursery bag online. In our assortment, you will find multiple bags from Ida Ising and you can easily scroll through all the models and read about them. When you have found the one for you and placed your order, you will receive it within 1-2 days. We offer day-to-day shipping on orders placed before 7pm. And free shipping on all orders exciding 499kr. You can be sure that we will not add any additional fees when you are shopping for a nursery bag on Luksusbaby.
If you are patient and willing to take a risk you could wait and be lucky to find a nursery bag from Ida Ising on sale. The most popular model tends to go out of stock quickly, so be ready if you want to get one at a great price!

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