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Kay Bojesen

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Kay Bojesen - Danish design at its best

You can’t mention Kay Bojesen without saying Danish design at its best. Kay Bojesen has managed to unite essential aspects of Danish design in their own designs. It is all about shape, functions, intelligent design and poetry. Everything has to have a purpose. A shape is not just a shape. It has to have a purpose beyond being looked at. It has to have a function and tell a story. So when you receive a Kay Bojesen wooden design - whether it is the monkey, the flag bearer, the elefant or any other - you can be sure to receive a piece of history for your home.


The Kay Bojesen Monkey - a design icon was created

Who would have thought, a monkey would contribute to the writing of Danish design history? No, right? But that has quickly been disproved. The Kay Bojesen Monkey was created in 1951, and was the beginning of a design adventure nobody had seen coming. The Kay Bojesen Monkey was designed with the purpose of being a hanger for children with a cirkus vibe in the design. It didn’t have to be so serious. 1951 was the year Kay Bojesen really made his mark on Danish design, and the wooden figures was suddenly a reality.

Since the monkey, many other wooden figures have joined our hearts and homes. The Kay Bojesen Elefant and the Kay Bojesen Birds have also become very special friends that we care very much about. The Kay Bojesen Elephant is a very charming wooden figure that has countless positions and expressions. It has definitely won our trust and has become part of our perception of the Kay Bojesen philosophy. The Kay Bojesen Bird is made very simple and elegant but still with the functional and poetic aspect in mind. It has definitely made its impressions with lightning speed. The Kay Bojesen Elephant or the Kay Bojesen Birds will definitely be found in many children rooms and homes for many years to come. We certainly believe so!


Be Celebrated With Kay Bojesen

Even when there is something to celebrate, you can count on Kay Bojesen. We don’t just talk about birthdays, no, we talk about graduation parties, baptisms, weddings and many more occasions worth celebrating. There might be a Flag Bearer on the table at birthdays, an elephant given as a present at baptisms, the turtledoves at weddings and the monkey for graduation. One thing they all have in common is that they all tell a story and is part of creating wonderful memories.


Luksusbaby - order today and receive your Kay Bojesen figure as quickly as possible.

We understand that you want to have your wooden figure delivered as quickly as possible. When you shop at, you can always count on that we send your package as quickly as possible. You can read more about our terms of delevery here.

Here at Luksusbaby, we hope that you are happy with your order as soon you open the package. If you have any questions at all about your order, other products, delivery or something completely different, our customer service is ready and happy to help you. You can contact them every day - all year round from 7am to 11pm.

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