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Konges Sløjd Milk Tank Doll Bedding

  • In stock 
  • 26,81EUR
Padded bedding for dolls designed with soft rouleau. The bedding comes with a matching fabric carrying bag that can be closed with a drawstring.

Pillow H: 14 x W: 16 cm
Duvet H: 26 x W: 34 cm
  • 100% organic cotton
  • Comforter: 26x34 cm
  • Cushion: 14x16 cm
  • Remember to follow the washing and use instructions

"Konges Sløjd Milk Tank Doll Bedding - Complete the Doll Room

Playing with dolls is a timeless and delightful activity for children of all ages. It fosters imagination, caregiving skills, and creativity. With Konges Sløjd Milk Tank Doll Bedding, your children can create the perfect sleeping experience for their beloved dolls and complete the doll room with style and comfort.

This lovely Milk Tank Doll Bedding is created by the renowned Danish brand Konges Sløjd, known for their commitment to quality and sustainability. The bedding features a timeless and elegant design that fits seamlessly into any doll's decor. It is made from high-quality materials and designed with care to ensure it is safe for your child and their dolls.

The Milk Tank Doll Bedding includes everything needed for a good night's sleep for the dolls. It consists of a pillow, a duvet, and a mattress, all in the perfect size for dolls. This makes it easy for children to tuck their dolls in for the night and take them out in the morning, just like with a real bed.

The bedding is crafted with attention to detail, and the materials are soft and comfortable, providing an authentic and cozy feel for the dolls. Children can take care of their dolls by ensuring they are comfortable and warm at bedtime.

With Konges Sløjd Milk Tank Doll Bedding, your children can learn important values like caregiving, responsibility, and empathy while having fun. They can engage in role-playing and imaginative scenarios that help stimulate their creativity and social skills.

Doll bedding makes a wonderful gift idea for any young doll parent. It allows children to grow and learn through play while creating cherished memories with their dolls.

So why wait? Complete the doll room with Konges Sløjd Milk Tank Doll Bedding and witness how your children create magical moments with their dolls while learning and having fun."

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