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Konges Sløjd Milk Tank Dukke Changing Bag

  • In stock 
  • 46,94EUR
On the outside of the bag there is a large pocket. Designed with an adjustable shoulder strap and a grab-and-go handle. The bag closes with a zipper. A must-have for all doll parents.
  • 100% organic cotton
  • 18x24x11 cm
  • Remember to follow the washing and use instructions

"Konges Sløjd Milk Tank Doll Changing Bag - Perfect Accessory for Doll Care

Playing with dolls is a cherished and educational activity for children. It fosters imagination, empathy, and responsibility. With the Konges Sløjd Milk Tank Doll Changing Bag, your child can explore a world of loving care play and simultaneously learn valuable skills while taking care of their favorite dolls.

This beautiful Milk Tank Doll Changing Bag is designed and produced by the renowned Danish brand Konges Sløjd, known for their commitment to quality and sustainability. The Changing Bag features a timeless design and high standards for materials, ensuring durability and safety for your child.

The Changing Bag is crafted to mimic a real diaper bag and is the perfect companion for your dolls. It has spacious room to store your doll's diapers, clothing, and accessories, allowing your child to organize and tend to everything needed for doll care. This promotes organizational skills and responsibility in your child.

Milk Tank Doll Changing Bag also includes practical pockets and compartments to keep track of small items, just like in a real diaper bag. This provides an opportunity for your child to learn organization and structuring while having fun with doll care.

The Changing Bag has adjustable straps for easy carrying, just like a real diaper bag. It's easy to take along to the playground, on visits to friends, or to any other destination where your child wants to bring their doll. It's designed with attention to detail to provide an authentic experience of doll care.

With Konges Sløjd Milk Tank Doll Changing Bag, your child can develop valuable skills and creativity while exploring the world of doll care. This changing bag is not just a toy; it's also a learning tool that allows your child to grow and develop through play.

Give your child a wonderful opportunity to learn and play with Konges Sløjd Milk Tank Doll Changing Bag. Order it today and watch as your child creates amazing moments with their dolls while learning and having fun."

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