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Konges Sløjd Nature Activity Walk Wagon

  • In stock 
  • 93,88EUR
This sturdy stroller has wheels and a small shelf. Has an activity maze on one side and a rotating lemon on the other. Various activities on the front page are designed to develop the child's motor skills.
  • Wood
  • Remember to follow washing and user instructions

Konges Sløjd Nature Activity Walker - The Perfect First Walker for Your Child

Let your child explore the world around them with the Konges Sløjd Nature Activity Walker. This delightful walker is the ideal companion for your child's first steps and active exploration of their surroundings. Here are some reasons why you should choose this fantastic activity walker:

  • Stimulating Activities: The Activity Walker is filled with entertaining and educational activities. It features a variety of fun wooden toys that your child can play with while walking, promoting motor skills and creative play.

  • Stable and Safe: The Activity Walker is designed with a focus on stability and safety. It comes with non-slip wheels and a sturdy handle to help your child maintain balance and prevent accidents.

  • Beautiful Craftsmanship: Konges Sløjd is known for its beautiful craftsmanship and use of natural materials. The Activity Walker is no exception. It is made of wood and boasts a timeless Nordic design that fits perfectly into any home.

  • Easy to Clean: The Activity Walker is easy to clean, allowing you to keep it neat and tidy, even when your child explores outdoors.

Konges Sløjd Nature Activity Walker is the perfect way to support your child's development. It allows them to explore the world around them in a safe and stimulating environment. Give your child the best start on their exploration journey with this lovely activity walker.

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