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Liewood Huey Snow Ball Maker Tuscany Rose

  • In stock 
  • 22,99EUR
  • Made from 75% PP & 25% Wheat straw
  • Make snowballs with only one scoop
  • Consists of one simple mold with handles
  • Allows child to make perfect round snowballs
  • Protects from getting cold hands
  • Can also be used for sand
  • Recommended age: +5 years
  • Height: 9 cm, width: 8 cm, length 35 cm
  • Husk at følge vaske- og brugsanvisning

"Embrace the magic of winter with the Liewood Huey Snow Ball Maker in the enchanting Tuscany Rose color! This clever snowball maker is the ultimate tool for snowball fights and winter fun. With the Liewood Huey Snow Ball Maker, both kids and adults can easily create perfect snowballs in an instant.

Designed for both fun and functionality, this snowball maker boasts an ergonomic shape that fits comfortably in your hand, making it effortless to craft compact and robust snowballs. Whether you're engaging in a friendly snowball fight in your backyard or on a winter excursion, this snowball maker will help you dominate the snowball arena.

Crafted from high-quality, child-friendly materials that are free from harmful substances, the Liewood Huey Snow Ball Maker is a reliable and durable companion for winter enjoyment. Its beautiful Tuscany Rose color adds a touch of style to your outdoor winter activities.

So get ready to enjoy winter in a new and exciting way with the Liewood Huey Snow Ball Maker. Create beautiful snowballs, challenge your friends and family to a snowball fight, and let the fun begin! This snowball maker is the perfect accessory for any snowy day and will bring smiles and laughter to both kids and adults alike.

Order your Liewood Huey Snow Ball Maker in Tuscany Rose today and experience the magical world of winter fun in a whole new light. Let the snowball battles commence and create unforgettable memories with this delightful snowball maker from Liewood."

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Item no.: 556868
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