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Mikk-Line Wool Balaclava with Pom Pom Melange Denver

  • 40,23EUR
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  • Mikk-Line Wool Elephant Hat with Pom Pom Melange Denver
  • Kids' clothing
  • Warm and stylish
  • Wool material
  • Pom Pom details
Warm and soft fullface hat made of merino wool, which makes the hat super soft and it does not scratch. Simply because the fibers in the merino wool are thinner than in other varieties of wool. It makes the clothes ultra-soft and very comfortable to wear. 
The hat is with fake, detachable fur tassel. 
In addition to that the fullface hat is OEKO-TEX certified. That is your assurance that there hasn’t been used harmful chemicals in the production of the clothes.

mikk-line design natural and soft wool wear that will keep your child warm. Natural fibres, safety, high quality, and animal welfare are central pillars in the production of this garment.

- Natural merino wool
- Mulesing free
- Fake fur
- Oeko-Tex certified – no harmful chemicals 

- Insulating
- Detachable fake fur tassels
- Breathable
- Total easy care
- Natural fibres
- Ultra-soft quality - does not scratch
- Regulates body temperature
- Naturally water-repellent
- Fast dry
- Absorbs sweat and moisture
- Selfcleaning
- Antibacterial
- Retains its color and shape

Remove fake fur before wash
  • 95% Merino wool, 5% polyester
  • Remember to follow the wash and care instructions

Mikk-Line Wool Elephant Hat with Pom Pom Melange Denver: Warm and Adorable Headwear

The Mikk-Line Wool Elephant Hat with Pom Pom Melange Denver is the perfect way to keep your child warm and stylish during the chilly months. This charming elephant hat combines fashion and functionality, making it an essential part of your little one's winter wardrobe.

Cozy Wool Material The hat is made from high-quality wool, known for its warmth and comfort. Your child will love wearing it as it keeps their head and ears wonderfully warm on cold days.

Cute Pom Poms The hat features adorable pom pom details that add a playful and charming dimension to your child's look. The pom poms provide a whimsical and cute vibe to the headwear.

Flexible Fit The elephant hat has a flexible fit that accommodates most children's head sizes. It sits comfortably and securely in place, allowing your child to move freely while staying warm.

Perfect as a Gift The Mikk-Line Wool Elephant Hat with Pom Pom Melange Denver also makes a lovely gift for parents with young children. It's a thoughtful present for birthdays, baby showers, or any other special occasions.

Give your child the best combination of warmth and style with the Mikk-Line Wool Elephant Hat with Pom Pom Melange Denver. Buy it today and let your child shine in the winter season.

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