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Milk & Co

Milk & Co is the newest in terms of care products for children

Milk & Co is a family owned business with a mission to make life more liveable. Their products are recognised by being simple, effective and filled with good stuff. The products are fantastic and your child will love them. Explore our site and find your favourite from Milk & Co. If you wish to learn more about some of the products, all you have to do is click on the desired product.

Natural caring products for children from Milk & Co

It can be difficult to find your way through the jungle of care products for children. What do you need? And what can you live without? Of course, people’s needs are individual, but the care products from Milk & Co is a great place to start looking for the essentials.
Australian Milk & Co is a family driven business, who produces simple care products for the entire family. In Denmark, the products for babies have become popular and that is why it is these products we have in our selection at Luksusbaby. Here you will find a broad selection containing baby shampoo- and conditioner, massage oil and room sprays that secures a good night of sleep. Even if your child is a bit under the weather the Snotty Grotty Room Spray can help your child fall asleep.
Lately, we have begun selling a few variants of care products for grown-ups. This way mom and dad can also benefit from the great products from Milk & Co. The products from Milk & Co is made from up till 95% natural ingredients with nurturing qualities. The philosophy behind the products is that they will rather use a few ingredients of the highest quality, than a lot of useless ones.

Milk & Co is simple but effective care for skin and hair

When sticking to a few ingredients without perfume and parabens you will get a much greater effect. This is why you will find none of this in the products from Milk & Co – Not even in the packaging that is 100% degradable. At Luksusbaby we care about the health of the consumers and the environment. Therefore, we are happy to be offering the products from Milk & Co as part of our assortment.
There is no surprises with the products from Milk & Co, not even the price. This matches the many other care products on the market – Even though they are not nearly as natural as the ones from Milk & Co. The products are then great value for money and we have a lot of returning customers. This smells like a great deal and great products. This is something we like at Luksusbaby! Therefore, we are often having sale on some of the products from Milk & Co. We want to make everyone have a chance to try these fantastic products. Find your personal favourite and place your order here at Luksusbaby. We offer day-to-day delivery so you can get to use you new product by tomorrow.

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