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Sylvanian Families® Striped Cat Family

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  • 46,95EUR
Simon is sporty and is particularly fond of water sports. As soon as he has time, he takes his family out to their summer house on the coast. In the summer, he teaches children from Sylvanian Village in water sports on Søbriseodden. Amelia is crazy about fruit - even her favorite clothes are fruit patterned! She sometimes goes out to pick fruit and makes delicious dishes and desserts from the freshly picked fruit. Her homemade fruit ice cream is her children's favorite. Amelia runs the ice cream parlor on Søbriseodden. Her creamy, sweet ice cream and refreshing sorbets, which she makes from fresh fruit from Søbriseodden, are absolutely fantastic. She makes the most amazing ice cream cones with 5 scoops in them. Shane is very brave and wants to be an explorer when he grows up. He likes to play explorer with his friends on Adventure Island. He sometimes makes his parents nervous by climbing tall trees and slipping into dark caves. There's a lot of fun in Sabrina, who loves riding around on her bike while she enjoys the beautiful area out at Søbriseodden. When she is out on Søbriseodden, she and her friend Freya Chokoladekanin send each other letters. She and Freya have beautiful beach shell brooches that match. Sabrina's friendship brooch means a lot to her.
  • From 3 years
  • Remember to follow the wash and care instructions
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