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Sylvanian Families® Yellow Labrador Family

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Barker loves to play games and play. He is more interested in a game of catch than the children are. He also likes toys, and has many of his toys from when he was a boy to display in his room. Lucy is good at reading books aloud to the little ones and showing them the nice, colorful pictures, but in the evening she sometimes falls asleep before the little ones do. She also reads books aloud in the kindergarten, so the little ones always look forward to seeing her. Buddy is a bit spoiled and also a bit sick. His favorite toy is a stuffed animal that his father gave him as a child. It's still his sleeping pet, but he keeps it a secret from his friends because he's a little embarrassed about it. Sadie likes to wear nice clothes that are similar to what her friends wear. Her favorite dress is the one similar to her mother Laura's dress. She always wears it when the whole family is going somewhere at the weekend.
  • From 3 years
  • Remember to follow the wash and care instructions
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