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Yookidoo Spin 'N' Sort Spout Pro

  • In stock 
  • 45,60EUR
  • 9-36 months
  • Strengthens cognitive development, physical development as well as social and emotional development
  • Cognitive development:
  • Exposes the child to the principle of cause and effect - from starting or stopping the flow of water to positioning the cups under the flow as well as sorting and building the gears to shine at the same time
  • Your child learns about physical principles by creating movement and speed
  • The different colours, activities and water effects make your child curious and make the child want to explore and experiment with the product
  • Physical development:
  • Designed for small hands
  • Strengthens the child's fine motor skills by the child using the various activities on the toy
  • Strengthens your child's senses by sight, touch and the sound of the water
  • Your child also strengthens their coordination developing their balance and core by sitting upright in the bath and playing with the toys
  • Social and emotional development:
  • Your child's self-expression is enhanced by introducing fun to bath time
  • Strengthen the child's communication by naming the different parts and teach your child the name of the different colors
  • The child's self-confidence is strengthened by the many simple achievements of this toy, such as stacking the cups or aiming the stream of water
  • This is included:
  • 1 battery operated spout
  • 3 rotating gears
  • 1 propeller cup
  • 1 shower cup
  • 1 peek-a-boo cup and floatRemember to follow the wash and care instructions
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Item no.: 521712
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