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Yookidoo Stack 'n' Spray Tub Fountain

  • In stock 
  • 53,69EUR
  • 1-6 years
  • Strengthens cognitive development, physical development as well as social and emotional development
  • Cognitive development:
  • That the toy together leads to different results that spray forms. This strengthens learning skills
  • By creating different spray shapes, the child acquires knowledge
  • The toy has many different possibilities to be put together, which strengthens the child's curiosity
  • Physical development:
  • Fine motor skills are strengthened by collecting and rebuilding the boats
  • The motor skills are strengthened by the child being in a sitting position while the child assembles the boats and maneuvers around while
  • The senses are strengthened by the child seeing, touching and listening to the water and the toys
  • Social and emotional development:
  • by introducing hilarity and fun to the bath with the funny characters, the child's self-expression is strengthened
  • Confidence is boosted by every small win, which will also happen here when the child collects the boats and manages to get it fully assembled
  • Self-confidence is also boosted by having different jets made in the water
  • This is included:
  • 1 floating base with figure-shaped on/off button
  • 3 boats of different sizes and water spray effect
  • 2 figures, each with its own unique water effect
  • Remember to follow the wash and care instructions
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