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Here at Luksusbaby you will find swimwear from Soft Gallery, Petit Bateau, Petit Crabe and many others. You can find swimwear for both little boys and girls. We have everything from the classic bathing suits and trunks to UV swimwear.

Get ready for summer

The summer is near, which means lots of sunshine, beach time and vacation. Before you can take your child out into the sun, you must have the right swimwear. At Luksusbaby you will find a large selection of swimwear in many colours, UV swimwear, bikinis, swimming trunks, suits and much more.

It is important that your child is protected and sunscreen is a good place to start. Alternatively, you can protect your child even more, with UV-resistant swimwear and a hat. This will protect your child’s sensitive skin from the sun.

With swimwear from Luksusbaby, you can be sure, that your child is properly protected. Take a look at our selection and discover your favourites.

Beautiful prints for all sizes

Swimwear from Soft gallery will always bring joy to your child. There are multiple models and prints to choose from. The swimwear is made from great materials of a high quality. This makes the swimwear durable and comfortable both when wet and dry. The Swimwear is therefore perfect for a trip to the beach or the pool.

If you like your swimwear a bit simpler, then you might like the products from Petit Crabe. They make cute swimwear for both boys and girls in colours like pink and army green. Even though their products are simple, they do always come with the classic star, that Petit Crabe is known for. If you like products with animal prints better, then you should take a look at our selection of products from Popupshop.

Remember the hat

A beach trip is not entirely complete without a sun hat. When the sun is shining, it will protect the scalp of your child. If your child do not have a lot of hair on its head, then a hat is an absolute must. Luckily you will find a lot of beautiful hats at Luksusbaby. We have multiple brands, who make hats, that matches their swimwear. This way you can get the perfect outfit for the beach, no matter if you like prints or nice colours.

It can be an advantage to have more than one hat. Unfortunately, they tend to disappear, when the kids are having fun. Perhaps you would like to buy a hat made from the same material as the swimwear and one made from cotton. You will find it all right here on this page.