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Bibs - An Essential Part Of Everyday Life

Bibs are essential when it comes to dinnertime for the little ones. They are very practical because they protect clothes from spills and dirt. In addition to this, bibs can make dinnertime more exciting for kids. At Luksusbaby, it is important to us that we have a great and vast selection of bibs to protect all the amazing clothes we also carry. We have bibs in both fabric and silicone, in beautiful colors and prints. We have beautiful and practical bibs from popular brands like Liewood, Konges Sløjd, Cam Cam and many others. The selection is endless, so go nuts and search the web shop for your favorite.

A World Of Bibs

At Luksusbaby, we have a whole world of different types of bibs, so you can be sure to find some to fit your taste. You can buy one bib at a time, or packs of multiple bibs. We have a great selection of bibs for the very youngest that both look nice and are practical at the same time. We recommend you order a lot of bibs for your child, so you can change them regularly to avoid too much filth and bacteria building up. The bibs are found in an array of colors and prints so you can find one for any outfit. Maybe it should be one with a popcorn print or maybe animal print? Check them out and find your favorite. For the older children, we have practical bibs, that are worth every penny, when it’s dinner time. They can be found in silicone, which is a practical material because it is very easy to clean. Silicone bibs are extra durable and can be used for a long time. At Luksusbaby, we have these amazing bibs from CeLaVi and OYOY that has a smart pocket at the bottom to collect spilled food, so it wont end up on the clothes or the floor. The are practical, comfortable and beautiful - it’s win win! Many of the bibs we carry here at Luksusbaby, are not only practical for mum and dad but also fun for the kids, because they come with funny prints and patterns. Maybe your child would like to be a dinosaur at dinnertime? Then Liewood’s Dino bib would be just perfect. Or maybe animals from the savannah are the thing at the moment? Then hurry up and order The Sebra Wildlife bib - it can only be a success.

Quality First

We imagine you always look for the very best products when buying bibs for your children. At Luksusbaby, we have a carefully selected range of brands and products that live up to our high quality standards. It is especially important for us, that the brands that we carry live up to your expectations when it comes to quality and design. Many of the brands that we carry produces bibs in great materials. The great quality doesn't mean that the prizes are way too high. You can still find bibs at great prizes, and if you keep an eye out, you might make a scoop at one of our sales.

Get Your Favorite As Quickly As Possible

When you shop at Luksusbaby, you can always count on fast delivery, depending on your country. We have worldwide shipping at affordable prices. Read more about our terms of delivery here. At Luksusbaby, it is both fast, easy, and cheap to shop new equipment and clothes for your kids. hurry up and find and order your favorites from Luksusbaby today. We are always ready to receive your order. As well as we always strive for you to be satisfied with your order. If you have any questions regarding your order, products, delivery or something else, our customer service is ready to answer any questions you may have every day from 7am-23pm danish time.