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Hevea – Products from 100% Natural Rubber

Hevea pacifiers, biting ring and bath toys are made from 100% natural rubber. The rubber is manufactured from natural juices from the rubber tree. Please notice, that the colour of the product may variate due to the natural materials used. Think of all the organic fruit. The durability fits perfectly with the time the products are used. The organic products do not last as long, but when they are worn down, your child probably need another type of products anyway. We here at Luksusbaby thinks that this makes perfectly good sense.

Natural pacifiers from Hevea made from 100% organic rubber

Many children use pacifiers until they are about 3 years old. This adds up to many hours of use. Therefore, it is very important that these pacifiers do not contain harmful chemicals. Unfortunately, many products on the market today contains BPA. BPA is suspected to be endocrine disruptive. It can be difficult to feel safe, when buying pacifiers for your child. At Luksusbaby you can be sure that our products from Hevea is the purest you can find.

Pacifiers from Hevea are made from 100% organic rubber and they do not contain harmful substances like phthalates and PVC. The pacifiers are designed in one piece, which ensures the most hygienic pacifier. The pacifiers do not have any opening that can form a breeding ground for bacteria. The pacifiers can be cleaned by hand and sterilized with boiling water – exactly like normal pacifiers. The pacifiers from Hevea are therefore not any more cumbersome than regular pacifiers.

In the assortment from Hevea you will also find bathing toys and biting ring made from organic rubber of the same high quality as the pacifiers. Because the products are made from 100% organic rubber, they do not last as long as conventional materials. They are however completely free from harmful substances – is that not the most important factor?

Purchase your Hevea pacifiers at Luksusbaby

Hevea pacifiers has a very characteristic look. This is due to the natural materials. Not two pacifiers look the same. The colour depends on the piece of rubber used. To make the pacifier more personal you can pick one with carvings. This also improves airflow for the skin around the mouth. Hevea have pacifiers for both boys and girls – with flowers, cars, crowns or stars. This way you can pick the perfect pacifier for your child. The carvings also make the pacifiers easy to recognize, should your friends also prefer organic pacifiers.

At Luksusbaby we offer day-to-day delivery if you place your order by 7 pm. If the pacifier is suddenly gone this evening. Then you will be able to get a new one by tomorrow. Of course, it is always a good idea to have an extra, to avoid some of the screaming. If you want to purchase some pacifiers, then you should also consider buying some of the bath toys as well. At Luksusbaby you get free shipping on all orders worth 499kr. or more.