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Bibs pacifiers

Pacifiers from Bibs have, for many reasons, been popular with parents and children for more than 40 years. Bibs pacifiers are traditional pacifiers with the well known round shape, and is often recommended for mothers that nurse, as this pacifier reminds the child of its mothers breast. This teaches the child to latch and can therefore help the child learn to nurse properly quicker. The pacifiers are available in all the colors of the rainbow, from dark blue to soft pink and everything in-between. Furthermore, the pacifiers are very inexpensive, which is why we recommend that you buy a decent handful, since a pacifier should be changed often to avoid dirt and bacterial build up.

We sell Bibs pacifiers

Whether you have a boy, girl or both, you can find the right pacifier for you here. We have got pacifiers in an array of colors, ensuring that you can find a pacifier that fits any outfit and occasion. The pacifiers from Bibs are made from natural rubber, that is soft, elastic, and of course completely free from any chemicals that are harmful to health. This is why you can give your child Bibs pacifiers with a clear conscious, as long as you remember to swap it for a new one approximately every six weeks. Natural rubber should not be boiled only scalded for the longest durability. Remember to check the pacifier for cracks or tears before you give it to your child. Buy new pacifiers from Luksusbaby today and look forward to a speedy delivery.