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Thoughts behind EZPZ!

EZPZ is designed by Lindsay Laurain. She was missing something smart and usable during dinnertimes with her husband and three sons. One time during dinner, Lindsay’s husband said: “We need a plate the kids can’t tip over or throw”. Soon after this, Lindsay built the foundation for EZPZ, and that is how EZPZ’s Happy Mat was thought of and created. Most parents have experienced their kids pushing plates off the table! But that wont happen with Happy Mats from EZPZ. EZPZ is a revolutionary all-in-one placemat. It is designed to stick to the table, so the placemat wont end up on the floor. The placemat makes it possible to serve a little extra and is perfect for keeping children’s food in one place.

Make dinner time fun instead of a mess with EZPZ

EZPZ distributes toys, clothes and lovely items for children and babies. The brand is carefully selected because of its high quality, unique design and functionality. EZPZ creates products focused on development that makes dinner times less messy and more fun for kids. Tiny Spoon is ideal for children who are learning to use a spoon! Tiny Cup is perfect for when they are learning to use a cup. The Happy Mat plate is perfect for children when they start to sit with their own plate. When it comes to children’s meals, EZPZ has thought of every aspect when it comes to their designs. Every product is targeted a specific age group and purpose. The Mat’s stability will help babies and toddlers to eat by themselves and develop their motorskills. With EZPZ, family meals will become a positive, fun and happy experience where memories with family is created.

Sustainability, quality and functionality

The smart EZPZ placemats are patented and completely safe for children to use. All of the products are made of 100% silikone. The products from EZPZ are free from BPA, Phthalates, PVC and colors but still break-free - it just doesn’t get any better! EZPZ products are dishwasher safe so you, as a parent, wont have to wash by hand. How great is that? You can easily and quickly warm up the food because the products are also oven and microoven safe up to 170 degrees Celcius, and you can easily freeze leftovers down to -18 degrees Celsius. They have so many functions that makes it easier for both children and parents - it is fantastic. EZPZ Happy Mat is a placemat divided into three separate spaces to strengthen and help children’s independent eating. In addition to this, EZPZ Happy Mat is designed for most tables and highchairs. The products are also easy to bring on trips because of the size. The design invites you to serve the meal in fun and creative ways that encourages the children to try new and exciting food. EZPZ Happy bowl is developed to serve both yoghurt, mash, soup and porridge and lots of other delicious meals in. The size of the EZPZ Happy Bowl is made to fit an average portion for a small child. EZPZ makes it fun and easy to serve numerous creative dishes. in addition to this, the placemats are easily stacked, so you can serve more than one child at a time.

A great selection of EZPZ at luksusbaby!

If you already know that you like EZPZ, you have come to the right place. Here at Luksusbaby, we offer a vast range of everything your family-heart may desire. All the amazing designs comes with nice little details and quirks, which makes EZPZ very easy on the eyes for both parents and children. Who wouldn’t have loved to eat from a Happy plate that looks like a big smily face. Same goes for quality, when it comes to design and details. EZPZ has a simple, stylish and classic design. The colors please both children and parents - great, right? You will find everything from cups, spoons, plates, bowls and dinnersets. Luksusbaby will send your items as soon as possible, so you wont have food everywhere - order your EZPZ today! Have you found the perfect crockery set from EZPZ? We understand that you want to receive your order fast as lightning so you wont have to deal with food on the floor! Here at Luksusbaby, we find it extremely important that our customers are happy, and has the opportunity to ask about products, shipping or something completely different, so do not hesitate to ask. We send your order as fast as we can, and you can read about shipping and delivery right here. You are welcome to contact us at any time, if you need help. At luksusbaby, we wish for you to be happy with your items! If you have any questions at all our customer service is ready to answer them every day from 7:00-23:00 Danish time.