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Keep your child warm with hats from Huttelihut

Behind the funny name, there is a universe filled with wonderful hats and bows for children. Since 2003 the brand has impressed families with children in Scandinavia with their fantastic hats. The hats are made from wool of the finest quality. Especially wool-fleece and alpaca is used in the production of the hats you will find here on our site. We promise you, that you will not be disappointed by the quality of these hats from Luksusbaby – No matter which model you chose, they will keep your baby warm the entire winter.

Hats from Huttelihut look the part too. The design is inspired from the ones who wear the hats, the children. Cute details like pompoms, flowers and ears give the hats cute look. This look reflects the magic world of our children. Match the hats with a pair of nice gloves or slippers made from alpaca wool.

The newest part of their assortment are bows for the hair. These come in all the colours of the rainbow and they fit perfectly in even the thinnest of baby hair. Buy a couple so that you can always find a matching one the outfit of the day. You can supplement the outfit with a matching hat as well. These hats will keep those little ears warm all day. Pick one in a neutral colour or one with furry ears that your child will love.

In the warm summer nights, a soft hat made from velour is just perfect. A sun hat is likewise perfect during the day, because it protects your child from the sun. Huttelihut makes fantastic headgear no matter the season. You might as well become familiar with their products as they could be a part of your child’s wardrobe for many years. The hats from Huttelihut are durable and they are so popular with the kids, that you might have to force them to take it off again.

Purchase Huttelihut hats online at Luksusbaby

At Luksusbaby we have a broad selection of wonderful hats from Huttelihut. The hats are loved by many – Both kids and parents. Therefore, they go out of stock very quickly. We urge you not to wait too long if you want to be sure to get one or two for the winter. If your child spends a lot of time outside, we recommend buying a nice ski mask, which also keeps the neck and throat warm. For the smaller children, a hat with bobble texture is perfect for an outside nap in the baby carriage.

At Luksusbaby we provide free shipping on all orders worth 499kr. or more. We offer day-to-day delivery if you place your order by 7pm. This means that you can get a warm hat for your child in no time. The fast shipping can also come in handy if your little girl is missing a bow for the party this weekend. Place your order today and expect it to be delivered by tomorrow – it is as easy as it gets!