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Find the perfect sun hat for your children

There are many great reasons to make sure your children has some good sun hats. It is important to protect the little ones from the sun that can be dangerous. But with a sun hat from our vast selection of hats in different varieties that are made especially for children and babies, you make sure your children are comfortable when the sun is high in the sky during the summer. You also protect you babies health in the long term. Take a look here on the page and check out our great and vast selection of sun hats, bucket hats and baby helmets.

Wide selection of sun hats for kids and teens

Children loves to go outside and play under the sun and blue skies. There is a whole world out there that needs to be investigated, touched, tasted, smelled and played with - no matter where the child is; the garden, the beach, or the playground. It is fun to be out and about, and with the right sun hat, your child can be out for longer without risking sun damage. It is not just on the most sunny days that sun rays are powerful. They can also do damage on cloudy days, so it is important to wear sun hats. A sun hat is an essential part of children’s wardrobe from the day they are born till they start to make their own decisions. By giving your child a sun hat already from an early age, you will show them how important it is to protect your face, ears and neck from the powerful sun rays. To protect your children from UVA and UVB light is one of the essential duties that any parent has. You are not only protecting your children from getting sun burned, but you will also minimize the risk of them developing harmful skin diseases later on in life Here on the page, we have gathered a selection of great sun hats, buckets hats and baby helmets for the little ones, so you can get an overlook of all the possibilities, and give your children the necessary protection. Sun hats are available in many varieties from great brands for children. You will find sun hats from Danish brands like Wheat, Petit by Sofie Schnoor, Liewood and MarMar, but also many beautiful hats from international brands like Tommy Hilfiger and adidas.

How to choose the perfect sun hat

One of the things you should be aware of when looking for new sun hats, is to make sure it is comfortable to wear. Very little children can’t adjust it themselves, so they will just take it off, and that wont help anything. Therefore make sure you choose a sun hat in a breathable material, so it wont be too warm to wear. Especially if the sun hat is made of a heavy material. The lighter the material the better it is at keeping the temperature down for your children. All the sun hats you will find here on this page are produced by brands that are known for making products in the highest quality. There are still, however, some differences in the way they are designed, in terms of being temperature regulating, multiple ways of strapping them on, moisture absorption, UPF protection, and so on. You have some great possibilities to choose from here on our web shop. Another essential feature of a sun hat, is the comfort. You don't want children who gets upset every time you find the sun hat. Soft, light materials are preferable, but also look at the different possibilities of adjustments so it will stay in place. Some sun hats can be adjusted in size, so it can be adjusted as the children grow. The classic sun hats and helmets often comes with ribbons that can be tied under the chin so it will stay put, and give the optimal protection and comfort. There are many types of sun hats. You will have to choose from styles with broad shadows that gives extra protection from the sun, or styles with a more narrow shadow that will feel less limiting for a small child. It might also be a good idea to have a few different styles of sun hats in the closet for different situations and needs. If you bring your child to the beach, it might be a great idea with a sun hat that will dry up fast and gives the needed UPF protection. UPF is a way to determine how much the sun hat protects against UVA and UVB rays. Before you put a sun hat in your basket, you should make sure you have the right size. Measure your child’s head to make sure. Because every child is unique. That we are sure of here at Luksusbaby. And that we as parents always strive to do the best for our children.