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Wheat – Danish children’s clothes at its best

Wheat is a Danish brand, that since 2002 has been making fantastic clothes for children and babies. They put a lot of effort into making the clothes comfortable and of a high quality. The collections from Wheat are designed with classic Scandinavian lines, light colours and original patterns. Wheat’s clothes are designed for children and has great features like adjustability. Besides this the clothes have a great fit and is made from natural materials. This makes your child able to move freely. A snow suit and coat from Wheat are essential in any wardrobe to keep your child warm in the winter.

Wheat – A Scandinavian story of success

The story of Wheat is a story of success. The brand was founded by the couple Charlotte and Peter Galsgaard shortly after the turn of the millennium. Charlotte is the main designer for the company and the uses the traditional Scandinavian principles, with light colours and original patterns. The key to their success is to always thinks of the children first. This is not about the ambitions of the designer, but about the children. This means that the clothes from Wheat is something that your children will actually want to wear over and over again.

Here on this page you will find a large selection of clothes and bedding from Wheat. Their clothes can be worn by both boys and girls and we guarantee that you will find something that you and your child will like.

Pick for example a pyjama or a jumpsuit, so that your child can sleep comfortably and look gorgeous at the same time. Or what about some skirts, T-shirts or vests? This will make your child look stylish and still be comfortable for the skin.

Large selection of Wheat at Luksusbaby

If you are currently piecing together he perfect wardrobe for your little boy or girls, then you have come to the right place. Here at Luksusbaby we have some of the best brands in the business. If you want to go outside of Scandinavia, then we do also have a selection of clothes from the classic and world famous house of Hugo Boss.

If you are looking for something a bit more experimental, then you could look towards the USA. Here, Marc Jacobs is ready to dress your child with his latest collections.

Remember, that is you place your order here at Luksusbaby, you will get day-to-day delivery – No matter if the clothes are Danish, German or American