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Bisgaard: Welcome to a world of sandals, slippers, and winter boots of the highest quality

At the shoe manufacture Bisgaard they love children and find their inspiration in children’s imagination and desire to play. Bisgaard delivers comfortability that ensures a good and healthy environment for children's feet, allowing for the children to play unhindered. This is true regardless of whether the situation calls for slippers, sandals, or winter boots. Bisgaard’s styles are clearly rooted in Danish design and fashion. Through their exclusive sandals, boots, and slippers Bisgaard strive to make everyday life more exciting and different for the kids, to ensure that they can follow their own path. Here you will find slippers, sandals, winter boots, rubber boots, etc. and any other type of footwear you can imagine. Bisgaard’s footwear has unparalleled design and great quality that both helps your child’s welfare and looks great. Here you will find an assortment of footwear in the characteristic calfskin design, that Bisgaard is especially known for – but also an array of other styles with lovely details and sweet graphic design, which ensures that there is something for everyone.

Bisgaard – Danish design and Portuguese production

Bisgaard is a Danish brand, but their shoes are produced in Portugal. There is however a special reason for that. Portugal is a country with proud traditions, when it comes to manufacturing shoes. For countless years, they have mastered the craft through educations and experience. Today Portugal is the home of many factories and industry. The Portuguese craftsmen are excellent, when it comes to making children’s shoes – which benefit the children wearing Bisgaard every single day. The Portuguese are known for their thoroughness and their carefulness, which if put together creates happiness and satisfaction every time.

Bisgaard children shoes – classic sandals and other footwear in great materials

Bisgaard shoes are made from real leather to ensure soft, flexible, and breathable shoes, that hug the foot and gives the best conditions and support for the child’s movements. It gives the footwear an unmistakable Danish touch. All the shoes from Bisgaard originate in the Danish design philosophy where the choice of materials play an important role. The classic Danish style is also visible in the sandals, slippers, and winter boots by Bisgaard, that all exudes quality, similar to some of the great Danish design classics. The footwear brand Bisgaard was founded in 2004 and is today one of Europe's quickest growing children’s shoe brands. And for good reason. Bisgaard is an internationally established brand with a team of professional and energetic employees and designers that manufacture and sell sandals, slippers, and winter boots of the highest quality to more than 700 stores, both online and offline, in 16 countries. Quality and design is the highest priority in the daily work at Bisgaard. The three founding principals at Bisgaard’s simple philosophy is to produce sandals, slippers, and winter boots, etc. with a good fit, to always use quality materials and to strive to create innovative designs for the children shoes, where comfortability isn't forgotten. Please be aware that some of the lovely natural materials that Bisgaard’s shoes are made from, requires some maintenance. It would be advisable to lacquer the leather shoes and boots, to help them better withstand water. If you take good care of your Bisgaard footwear you will in exchange get footwear whose durability surpass most other children’s footwear, and that will last for as long as your child can fit into it.

Bisgaard: Sandals, slippers, and winter boots with the best fit imaginable

By choosing children’s shoes, slippers, and sandals from Bisgaard you're guaranteed to get the best for your child. Bisgaard only produce shoes of the highest quality, the material is always calfskin leather, whether you pick boots, shoes, or sandals. The choice of materials, among other things, contributes to the durability of every single pair of shoes - the durability that Bisgaard’s slippers, sandals, and winter boots are known for. The durability along with the exclusive looks have helped establish Bisgaard as an esteemed brand within fashion and functionality in regards to children’s footwear around the world. This has resulted in Bisgaard being one of Denmark’s biggest manufacturers of children shoes, sandals, and winter boots, etc.

Bisgaard Eco care – buy luxurious footwear while thinking of the environment

If you value that the shoes and clothes you buy for you children are manufactured with care for the environment, then you can buy Bisgaard’s footwear with a clear conscious. Bisgaard prioritize being environmentally conscious – which has made their footwear popular among the modern critical consumers. It is important to many parents that the shoes they choose for their children contributes as best they can to help the environment and that they are sustainable. Which means that design, functionality and production methods are important when Bisgaard manufacture footwear. Bisgaard only use 100% natural materials, such as leather, cotton, lambskin, and wool. Furthermore, they use sustainable production methods, when they produce their beautiful shoes, boots, and sandals. All the shoes from Bisgaard are handmade with carefully selected materials for every style you find on this website. All Bisgaard’s styles are certified in regards to EU’s regulation REACH, and all styles are free from chemicals, chromium, and metal. This highlights how important it is for Bisgaard to protect nature and use sustainable methods in the production of the exclusive sandals, slippers, and boots.

Ready for any season with Bisgaard shoes

Whether you are looking for boots, shoes, or sandals for your child, Bisgaard provides a fantastic selection of shoes for both boys and girls. You can find the most gorgeous boots for the winter months with an elastic opening, or velcro, in 100% natural and breathable material, which allows for the best conditions for your child. A good and solid bottom and heal prevents your child from slipping - which is important especially during the cold and wet months, where a wet surface can be a challenge for the child. Bisgaard also have shoes and sandals for the sunnier months where the feet can need a bit more air. These shoes and sandals have the same high quality and durability as all the other children’s shoes. The sandals can be bought in an array of models and colors, which helps ensure that there is a pair for any child’s style. The different sandals can be chosen with velcro or buckles, which both are easy for the child to handle.

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At Luksusbaby, we prioritize being able to offer the best brands, so that you can be sure that your child has the best conditions, whether that be on the playground, in the forest, or on a family trip. Good footwear is important. Children should be able to run around and play freely, without it having a negative impact on their feet. This is exactly what you get when you choose footwear from Bisgaard.

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