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MarMar Copenhagen is simple and stylish

MarMar Copenhagen is the definition of stylish children’s clothes. The unique design by MarMar Copenhagen is characterized by fashionable contrasts. These contrasts make the clothe stand out and gives you the opportunity to use the clothes in many ways. It is possible to create your own outfit, no matter if you are going for “Classic birthday party” or “cool in a fashionable way”. MarMar Copenhagen designs clothes for both boys and girls from 6 months to 12 years old. Comfort and durability are key factors in the collections from MarMar Copenhagen. MarMar is designed to make it possible for the children and pre-teens to explore the world on their conditions. MarMar is available on Luksusbaby just because of this and we like the brand very much.

Children’s clothes for babies from MarMar Copenhagen

Whether you are looking for nice basic clothing in a great quality, or warm winter clothes, Then MarMar Copenhagen is a great place to start. Perhaps you are looking for clothes to fit a special occasion? The answer is still MarMar Copenhagen. This brand makes some of the best products, when it comes to modern children’s clothing from Denmark. You might think of clothes with cheetah-print, when you hear this name. These prints are from the very first collection. Today their clothes are available in many different colours and it fits both boys and girls. If your child is a real MarMar-child, then there is no way around the cheetah-print. Luckily it looks great on everything from body stocking and leggings to hats, bedding and bibs.

Some people do not like the cheetah-print, but do not worry. MarMar Copenhagen has plenty of other products to offer. MarMar Copenhagen designs almost every kind of clothes there is and you can explore all of their products right here on this page. Actually, you can base your child’s entire wardrobe upon clothes from MarMar Copenhagen. With these products, you can be sure that your child is well-dressed.

Pick your basics in a super quality from MarMar Copenhagen

If you must choose between the products from MarMar Copenhagen, then you should go for a couple of basic items like leggings, body stockings and shirts. These items can easily be mixed and matched with other brands of clothes. The basic collection is soft and comfortable, making the children able to move freely and explore the world. Their clothes should not stop them from doing this, but instead it should support them in this creative period of their life.

At the same time, the clothes from MarMar Copenhagen Is very durable. This is more of a necessity than a feature when it comes to children’s clothing. The products must be able to withstand rough playing in all types of weather. On top of that you must be able to throw it in the washing machine after a long day of plying outside. The clothes from MarMar Copenhagen meets all these needs, which is why they have become one of our most popular brands. The products from MarMar Copenhagen tends to go out of stock quickly – especially on our sale. Keep an eye out and act quick of you want some of the clothes from MarMar Copenhagen at good price.

At Luksusbaby we love the wonderful universe of MarMar Copenhagen – Both their basic collection and their collections for each season. It is there that MarMar Copenhagen dares to experiment and push the boundaries in children’s fashion. Their ability to renew themselves makes them a strong player in the market and we are keen to follow along in the future.