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Satch - Not just a school bag

For children, choosing a school bag is not always easy. It is a bag that is used everyday, so it should look cool as well as being ergonomical correct for the back. Children often don’t think about whether the bag is good for their backs - but the parents does! So if the demands from both parents and children are to be met, the school bags from Satch is an obvious choice. Satch school bags are designed to support everyday needs from children as there are countless ways of organizing the bag. A school bag from Satch is not just a bag, but a faithful companion every day. In addition, the requirements for school bag materials have also become higher and higher. School bags from Satch are produced by recycled materials like PET bottles. As a parent, you can be sure that sustainability and the use of ressources have been thought of when you buy a school bag from Satch.

Satch - Ergonomically friendly and innovative design

When it comes to school bags, the biggest worry parents have is whether the children will get pains in their backs and necks when carrying heavy schoolbooks around. Satch has combined both ergonomics and design to make sure the children wont get sore backs and the bag still looks great. The bags are comfortable to wear because of the upholstered belt at the hip that shifts the weight from the shoulders to the pelvis area which is more stabil. The children therefore wont get sore backs or shoulders. The design of the school bag is inspired by trekking backpacks, which has resulted in the school back has countless storage options. in addition to this, they have spared no expense when it comes to design and color choices. There is something for everyone! Both Satch Pack school bags and Satch Sleek Schoolbags are classic schoolbags but with a twist when it comes to color and design. Satch schoolbags are for the older children, and it is clear that the color choices are made with this in mind.

Match your Satch

One thing that is almost as important as the school bag, is the pencil case! And Satch has made sure that you can match your pencil case to your school bag, if you like. You can also mix and match and choose the exact design your children loves. Nothing is left to chance - of course not. In the pencil case, there is room for every thing the children needs during the school day. And it can all be stored without something breaking the pencils or pens coloring the eraser.

Luksusbaby has your first or your next school bag

At Luksusbaby, we think it is just as exciting as the children when it comes to choosing a new school bag. And we definitely think it should be ergonomically friendly and cool at the same time. Therefore, we have both school bags for the small children who are choosing their first school bag, and for older children who are choosing their second or third. For the smaller children, we have a great selection from Ergobag. A brand that spares no expense when it comes to colorful designs and ergonomics. When the children outgrow Ergobag, we recommend a school bag from Satch, that is designed for older children. A brand that can be used for all ages is a brand like Herschel who designs both bags for kindergarten and school. You will have plenty of options when you choose your kids next bag for kindergarten or school. We have bags for every age in an array of designs, so your child can find just the right one for them.

Luksusbaby - order today and receive your Satch school bag as quickly as possible.

We totally understand that you want to have your Satch School Bag delivered as quickly as possible. When you shop at, you can always count on that we send your package as quickly as possible. You can read more about our terms of delevery here. Here at Luksusbaby, we hope that you are happy with your order as soon you open the package. If you have any questions at all about your order, other products, delivery or something completely different our customer service is ready and happy to help you. You can contact them every day - all year round from 7am to 11pm.