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The Danish brand Popupshop was founded in 2007. They exclusively design and manufactures organic products. Popupshop has a vision of creating timeless and sustainable high fashion designs. The products from Popupshop has fun and different prints with cute animals, that will definitely appeal to the little ones at home. In the collection from Popupshop you will find children’s clothing and lovely bedding for your children. All of the products are made from soft organic cotton. The coats from Popupshop can also easily be mixed and matched with some of their pants.

Children’s clothing for animal lovers from Popupshop

With some modern children’s clothing, you cannot always figure out if the design appeals to the parents or the children. When you pick clothes from Popupshop there is no doubt. Here the children are the ones in focus and the style breaks with the toned-down trends of today. Of course, this is done without sacrificing the aesthetics. The products from Popupshop are highly child friendly, but still functional and nice to look at.

The styles from Popupshop are based upon prints with animals. They have everything from cats and horses to guerrillas, penguins, seals and dangerous tigers. There is something for everybody, so scroll through this page and find your child’s favourite. If your child likes a specific animal, you are able to create theme with both clothing and bedding with this animal.

Organic children’s clothing from Popupshop

Popupshop was founded in 2007 and has been focussing on making organic clothes for children. The style of the brand is timeless and that has given them their well-deserved success. Their success has increased with every new collection, which means even more animal prints here on Luksusbaby.

Everything from Popupshop is made from organic cotton. This ensures you that you will get clean and pure products for your children. There is plenty of options to mix and match – Both with other Popupshop products and with our other brands here at Luksusbaby.

Purchase Popupshop online at Luksusbaby

Here at Luksusbaby we have a broad selection of clothes and bedding from Popupshop. We offer day-to-day delivery on all orders placed before 7pm. Furthermore, we throw in free shipping on all orders exceeding 499kr. This way it is possible to get new clothes or bedding even if you are in a hurry.

We wish to make online shopping for children’s clothing just as easy as in a physical store – An example being our Luksusbaby-store in Aalborg, Denmark. We do this by providing an excellent service, fast shipping and a large selection of products for children of all ages. Popupshop secures great quality for the youngest in your family, so place your order here and experience our incredible service.