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Liebe – Porcelain and handicrafts with a personal design

Porcelain from Liebe is fun and personal handicrafts for everyone who has a little love for fashion. Their products are available with cute messages, which each has their own charm. The wonderful design from Liebe are beautiful and contributes to the cosiness for both children and adults. Everyone loves the delightful messages in the bottom of the dishes. The porcelain from Liebe comes with different messages. Go to the Danish webshop for a wide range of messages in Danish.

Buy a Liebe cup and get personal porcelain in your home

There is something charming about unique and handcrafted porcelain and porcelain from Danish Liebe is no different. Behind the brand is Susanne Liebe, who is a graduate from the Danish School of Design I 1999. She has created the fun universe behind the brand of Liebe, which is known and loved by many - Both in Scandinavia and the rest of the world. This is not without a reason, because Liebe is quite special when it comes to design and finesse.

Especially the cups from Liebe, that is available in multiple variant. In fact, the whole family can get their own personal cup from Liebe with texts as “mom”, “dad”,” brother”, “granny”, “aunt”, “sister” and so on. There is almost a title for everybody. These cups are also great as gift ideas for the new grandmother or brother. We do also have cups with the ages 1-5 years old that can be used as birthday presents for the baby

Cups from Liebe for all purposes

The cups from Liebe are very versatile and can be used in many situations. First of all, the can be used as a drinking cup, but they can also be used as a pot for plants, sugar bowl, candles or for the Friday night candy. The cups are dishwasher-proof, so they can easily be cleaned and used again.

We have a broad selection of cups from Liebe here at Luksusbaby. We think, that we are the perfect place to be purchasing products like these if you are in a hurry. We offer day-to-day delivery on every order placed before 7 pm., so that you can expect delivery already by tomorrow.

This way it almost quicker to buy your products from Liebe online in stead of having to search for them in a physical store. This is often both cumbersome and time consuming. Therefore, we urge you to benefit from our great service and place your order with us instead. On top of this we throw in free shipping on all orders exceeding 499kr. It really does not get any simpler or cheaper to be shopping online and you will be able to use you new cups from Liebe in no time.