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Sometime Soon children’s clothing

Behind the success of Sometime Soon are a Danish couple, Cathrine and Jacob. After having two children together, it dawned on them that whilst it was easy for them to find stylish clothes for their daughter, they had great difficulty finding the same for their son. This became the starting point for the brand they now successfully sell in 22 countries worldwide, including the U.S. Sometime Soon is intended primarily for boys, but with a bit of imagination and mixing, the brand can easily be worn by cool girls as well. The three words that best describe the brand are cool, comfortable and fashion-conscious.

Change the world with Sometime Soon

“Sometime Soon I will change the world” is the ambitions slogan that decorated the T-Shirts from Sometime Soon. The brand appeals to fashionable boys with an attitude. The design pure Nordic design with the streetwear look. This creates a stylish symbiosis that is perfect for the streets of Denmark.

Pick for example a sweatshirt or T-shirt in black, white and green and match it with some casual sweatpants or shorts. Sometime Soon is a new brand on the market, but that has not stopped them from having sky high ambitions. As a result of this, they have become popular and recognised in many places. The materials are of a great quality, which makes the clothes soft, durable and allows the skin to breathe. Discover more about this brand and scroll through their collection here on Luksusbaby