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Toys - so much more than just toys

Finding the right toys for your children can be like navigating in a jungle. Unless the children can point out exactly what they want, buying toys are often just guessing what the kids want to play with. Whether you are looking for a certain toy, or a little project you don't quite know what should be yet, or something completely different, we definitely have something you can use here at Luksusbay. We have found out that toys are not just toys. They are something that opens up whole new worlds for kids, when they get just the toy they have been wishing for, or maybe something they didn’t know they wanted yet. Toys are children’s escape from reality to a place that is just their own, where everything is by their rules, their imagination, and direction that counts. For instance, a farm can suddenly become so much more than a farm. It can be the beginning of a new found joy of animals - and suddenly their room is filled with all kinds of animals that has to come live on the farm. Maybe the play kitchen suddenly gets expanded to an ice cream store or maybe the garage gets filled with even more cars. Toys can do so much more than grown ups can fathom. Children has a unique ability to use toys too their fullest potential, and that is the mindset that we have adapted here at Luksusbaby. We want to understand the children and their desire to play. So we never say no to a great game.

Teddies - toys with personality

Maybe you don't really see a teddy or plush toys as real toys, but rather a friends for comfort for your child. And that is definitely something we also believe here at Luksusbaby. Because a teddy, plush toys or soothers are often the friend your child seeks when it need a little extra comfort. A teddy might as well be called a child’s true companion. Children will give them names, give them a personality, and bring them on all kinds of adventures. They become part of everyday life, and takes part in playing and fun. The teddy becomes part of the children’s day already when they are newborns, so it is no surprise that children develop a special bond to them. A teddy is there for your kids for the great times and the not so great times, and are a constant support. But what kinds of plush toys are just the right one for your child? Should it be a little nuts? With a lot of colors? Or a traditional teddy bear? Here at Luksusbaby, we have something for everyone from brands like Maileg and Jellycat. And we are certain that your child can find a plush toy that fits perfectly into the teddy family at home. Because who says you can only have one teddy?

Cars, Farm, play food or something completely different?

There’s no doubt that toys makes games even better. If children can play with it without having to be cautious, they can stay playing for hours, and just concentrate on the universe they have created. Whether it involves toy food from MaMaMeMo, animals from Schleich, cars from Le Toy Van or Magni, both kids and parents can be sure that the toys are of the best quality and safe to plat with. In addition to this, we have tried to select a range that is both great and vast. If you need to find something from Schleich Farm World series you can be sure to find the whole selection. We, at Luksusbaby, don't want to limit the playing - on the contrary! We wish for you to imagine your children playing when buying toys here. Or if you have to decorate the play kitchen from Vilac, Le Toy Van, MaMaMeMo or Magni, we want to make sure you can get just the play food for it you’d like. Your child shouldn't suddenly find itself without vegetables in the kitchen or without cones for the ice cream store No matter what kinds of games your children likes, you can definitely find the ideal piece of toy here at Luksusbaby, that will fit perfectly into those games.

Activity racks and sensory developing toys

Even though babies don’t play around in the same way as older children, toys are a very important part of developing their senses and coordination. At Luksusbaby, we have a great selection of sensory toy for the very youngest. Here you can find everything from teething rings, colorful activity toys, activity racks, puzzle boxes and much much more. You can find a lot of inspiration by looking at brands like bObles, Lamaze, B-toys, Liewood, Djeco and Vilac. At Luksusbaby, we find it very important that there is something for everyone. So no matter if you are into delicate colors or great bright colors, noisy toys or something completely different, you can definitely find it here or find inspiration for the perfect toy.

Luksusbaby delivers toys for your children

Have you found the perfect toy for your children? We can totally understand that you want to receive it as quickly as possible. At Luksusbaby, we want you to be happy with your order right away! If you have any questions regarding your order, other products, delivery, or something completely different, our great customer service are ready to answer any question you might have, everyday from 7am-23pm Danish time. We have worldwide shipping, and you can read more about terms of delivery here.