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As parents or expecting parents, there are so, so many things to keep track of. At times, it can seem very overwhelming, and the list of things to get can seem endlessly long. Bot don't worry - At Luksusbaby, we have everything you need! Maybe you have considered buying a baby nest for you little bundle of joy? We can name countless reasons to why you should purchase a baby nest from Luksusbaby. A baby nest is a clever little nest that is created to provide the best environment for your baby to sleep and rest comfortably and safe in. A baby nest gives, unlike most beds, a more compact place to sleep, with comfortable sides that are high enough so the baby wont roll out of it. The hugging feeling creates a safe and comfortable environment of support and happiness that mimics the feeling the baby has had in mummy’s tummy. This might help the baby to sleep or relax. A baby nest will hug your baby, and give them the comfort and security that is so important in their first few months of life, where the world can seem very big and scary. It is also very practical if you need free hands for a few minutes to prepare some food or fold some laundry. Then you can put the baby in a baby nest where they will be safe and sound instead of a blanket or the crib. A baby nest is normally used until the child is about 6 months old. After that they will have outgrown the baby nest and gets too curious to be in it. At Luksusbaby, we have a large and varied selection of baby nests from different popular brands like; Konges Sløjd, Liewood and Cam Cam. You can find them in different shapes and sizes, colors and prints. We are certain you can find just the baby nest for you and your baby. The possibilities are endless whether you are getting one for a girl or a boy. They are all made of the softest materials that ensures optimal comfort for your little bundle of joy. Just sit down and have a look at our vast selection of baby nests.

A baby nest has many functions

At Luksusbaby, we are big advocates for baby nests because they have so many clever and practical functions. All baby nests have high edges, so your baby wont roll out of it. This increases the safety of the baby nest, and at times where you have to put your baby down, you dont have to worry about them falling off the couch or bed - which can be every parents’ worst nightmare. If you use a baby nest, you can feel totally calm about putting the baby down. In addition to this, the baby nest is great to bring with you on trips. It is very easy to transport your baby in a baby nest, and in most circumstances, the baby nest will fit into the pram, instead of the lift. That means, you dont have to wake up a sleeping baby, when it is time to go. You can just move the baby nest into the pram. As you can read here, the baby nest is a multifunctional product with many amazing functions. Another plus is its ergonomical and motorical advances. if you place your baby on its tummy over the high edge of the baby nest the baby will practise holding its neck. There is nothing stopping you from getting a baby nest!

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