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ByClara moccasins and hats for both boys and girls

byClara is Danish design, created by Pia Miller. Clara, her daughter, and the nature surrounding the family house in the countryside is the inspiration for the raw and simple, but functional and organic quality and design, that characterizes the entire clothing collection. Luksusbaby is pleased to be able to offer items from this amazing brand on our website.

Modern shoes and accessories from byClara

Your baby’s first pair of shoes are special and even though they may not walk many steps to begin with, it is still important that they are made from good quality materials, that fit your child's feet well. We offer the cute moccasins from byClara in different models and colors. We also offer byClara hats and scarfs that are both fashionable and functional, and are sure to keep your child warm even on the windiest days of the year. You can combine them with coats as well as shoes and boots, to ensure your child is dressed appropriately for the day ahead.

byClara moccasins for your baby

Moccasins from byClara is a great choice for your baby’s first shoes. They are simple in their design, comfortable for the feet and easy for the parent to take off or put on. The lovely materials in skin are soft as butter and only gets prettier as they develops patina, which is why byClara moccasins are great shoes for baby’s that aren’t yet sure on their feet. Use byClara’s moccasins outside, and maybe give your baby slip resistant socks or tights on when inside. This helps give the child the best chances to strengthen their motor skills and to get comfortable with crawling and walking.

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Have you fallen in love with a few of the beautiful byClara moccasins, or perhaps a byClara scarf or hat? Easily order the items you want in just a few clicks here at Luksusbaby. Find your favourites, add them to your basket and order today. We provide worldwide shipping from 6.95.