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Angulus children’s shoes for both boys and girls

At Luksusbaby we are proud to be selling the award-winning children’s shoes from Angulus. Our selection includes everything from boots to sandals for the little ones. Angulus makes many beautiful shoes that will get both boys and girls up and running


Footwear with strong traditions

Angulus children shoes date all the way back to 1904, where they revolutionized the entire industry by combining comfort, quality, and design. Of course, there are many other manufacturers who have had the same focus. But for more than a hundred years, Angulus have gathered knowledge and experience of design and production of children's shoes that meet these demands perfectly - both for the quality conscious parents, but also for the demanding children. Therefore, Angulus can rightly be proud of being one of the most esteemed children's footwear brands today.

The philosophy Angulus build their production upon is that there must be room and opportunity for development and learning. Angulus have, therefore, created their footwear -shoes, sandals, boots, etc. - upon the principle that children must be comfortable in their shoes, and that children must be able to easily take the shoes on and off.


Angulus makes feet happy

Shoes, boots, and sandals from Angulus are designed to keep their tiny feet happy all day untill it is time to take them off. The different models of shoes, boots, and sandals from Angulus are in constant development. This development takes place in consultation with a team of experienced doctors and physiotherapists. This is a choice Angulus have made because they want to create a good foothold for a healthy and appropriate development. It matters what your children wear on their feet. Shoes should compliment the children's feet and give them the best conditions, rather than just be things on their feet. Shoes are an especially important part of your child's clothing, since they probably are the part of your child's clothing that experience the most strain during the day. It is the shoes that are in constant contact with gravel, grass, and other hard and soft surfaces, that through the children's physical activity create tough demands for the footwear's quality. The shoes should also give the right comfortability and be of the best material to allow the feet to breathe. All of this is exactly what you get when you buy sandals, shoes, and boots from the proud Danish footwear manufacturer Angulus.


Quality from heel to toes

Angulus has a long tradition of only using the best materials for their shoes. This is one of the cornerstones of Danish design; the constant focus on choosing the right materials that fits the core functionality of the product. This is why you will notice that shoes from Angulus has great durability. The great quality starts with a solid sole, to give the foot a good foundation and a good footing. Around the foot they have ensured that the shoes fit great, so that the sandals, boots, etc. all fit nicely and comfortably on the foot, while the shoes are still easy to put on and take off. This is especially useful for the smaller children whose fingers aren't always that helpful. An example of a boot that showcases this is the well known Chelsea boot by Angulus, which has elastic bands on the sides. This means that it is particularly good for the target audience – as it can be easily pulled off and put on in a hurry.


Angulus all year around

Angulus has shoes for every season and for every type of weather that the Danish climate has to offer. The weather does not tend to stop the children in their outdoor play. All shoes, boots, and sandals by Angulus are designed to perform well in the season they were created for. Angulus sandals for children are available in an array of beautiful colors and lovely materials. So the most difficult choice will be to narrow down which of the beautiful models you want to bring home and place on your shoe rack. And of course they will there to be used. Sandals from Angulus is a whole chapter for themselves. The sandals are created in patent leather and suede and are created for both boys and girls. They have an array of cool and cute details, that all showcase Angulus’ knowledge of great design.

Angulus has also created children boots that are great for the transitional period from summer to winter and likewise winter to summer. It isn't as warm as a traditional winter boot but it can withstand both rain and wind on a real fall day and ensure a comfortable and breathable experience for the feet. Angulus can also provide winter boots, with a warm and soft interior that can withstand cold, sleet, and snow.


Angulus – Quality is important

The great footwear from Angulus is based upon three core values that are ingrained in every single pair of sandals, shoes, boots, and slippers, that you can buy from Angulus. These values are: comfortability, quality, and design. Angulus have managed to combine these three values by choosing natural materials that have great durability, materials that are bendable, that allow for movement, that create a timeless look and can match and compliment most of the children’s clothes from a varied children’s wardrobe.

It is important to prioritize good footwear for children. Especially in the younger years, where children are still developing and gaining some of the basic motor skills, which create the foundation for their abilities and movement for the rest of their life. This is exactly why shoes, sandals, boots, and slippers from Angulus are a great choice for your kids; there have been made no compromises with anything that can impact your child’s welfare. This is why Angulus footwear isn't the cheapest footwear on the market. But in exchange you get footwear that has unparalleled quality, footwear that can last for as long as your child can fit it. Furthermore, the shoes from Angulus are so durable that they potentially can be passed down to younger siblings or friends.


Fashionable summer sandals in a timeless design from Angulus

With their sandals, Angulus have especially managed to create a children’s footwear classic. With sandals from Angulus, your kids will be getting footwear that will allow even the most active of feet to breathe and move without trouble. Most of the sandals from Angulus have velcro straps that are stylishly integrated into the design, and allow the children to easily put the sandals on. However, Angulus is so much more than just stylish sandals for children. You will find the same quality in their stylish shoes, slippers, and winter boots. The design is always stylish with 100% natural materials and exceptional comfortability.


Buy your shoes, boots, and sandals from Angulus here

Here at Luksusbaby, we try our hardest to always offer the best products for your children. So naturally, we offer a wide array of the great shoes, sandals, and boots from Angulus. You will find shoes that all have the known Angulus quality, and come in an array of colors and models in Angulus’ classic and recognizable design. Explore an assortment of gorgeous and classically aesthetic footwear here, where we have gathered all the shoes, sandals, and boots we offer right now.

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