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Angulus children’s shoes for both boys and girls

At Luksusbaby we are proud to be selling the award-winning children’s shoes from Angulus. Our selection includes everything from boots to sandals for the little ones. Angulus makes many beautiful shoes that will get both boys and girls up and running

Footwear with strong traditions

Angulus has roots that can be traced all the way back to 1904, where the revolutionized the shoe industry with the combination of comfort, quality and design. For more than 100 years they have gathered knowledge and experiences about designing and manufacturing children’s shoes. Today Angulus is therefore one of the best brands in the business. Angulus footwear is based upon given the children the room and opportunity to develop and learn. Angulus makes sure that every pair of shoes are manufactured with the principles of making the shoes comfortable to wear on easy to put on and off.

Angulus makes feet happy

Angulus footwear is designed to make small feet happy all day long. The different models are in constant development I collaboration with doctors and physiotherapists. They do this because they want to create a natural foothold for children growing up. It matters very much what you put on your children’s feet. A pair of shoes must compliment the foot and give it the best possible conditions apart from just being an object on the foot. The shoes must be comfortable and be made from the best materials to let the foot breathe.

Quality from heel to toes

Angulus has a long tradition for using the best materials for their shoes. You will experience, that a pair of shoes from Angulus will last a long time. The great quality is based upon a solid sole to create a foundation for the feet. The rest of the shoe makes sure to give a perfect fit so that sandals, boots etc. all fits snug and comfortable on the foot. At the same time the shoes are easy to work with and to get on and off. This is especially great for smaller children with small hands and fingers. This can for example be seen on the Chelsea boots which have elastic sides, making them easy to get on and off.

Angulus all year around

Angulus makes shoes for every season. Every model is designed to perform as good as possible for a given season. The sandals from Angulus comes in many different colours and materials- The only hard choice is therefore to decide amongst the beautiful selection. The sandals come in lacquer and suede and for both boys and girls.
Angulus boots for children also comes as a model designed for the transition between summer and winter and vice versa. It is not nearly as warm as the winter boots but it still withstands the bad weather during autumn. Angulus can of course also be at help with some winter boots that are perfect for snow and cold.

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