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bObles – innovative toys for active children

The recognizable toys from bObles have become a modern classic of toys for physical exertion and play. The toys from bObles set themselves apart by being made of durable and lightweight materials. This ensures that there is ample opportunity to use bObles as furniture, for building elaborate and challenging obstacle courses, or other fun games that can stimulate the children’s fantasy and motor skills to a much higher degree than most other toys on the market today. This is the reason that the toys from bObles has become so popular – it also doesn’t hurt that the different products from bObles are nice to look at. Actually the characteristically striped toys have won international praise for their unique design. So much praise that they’ve won different design prizes, and have been invited to several high ranking design fairs, and are displayed on the shelves of the store in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. However, most children probably don’t care about these things, and it wouldn’t be good design if it didn’t interest its target audience. Luckily children love the great toys from bObles, as it encourages physical activity and fun games. There’s no doubt that the toys from bObles are a modern Danish design classic that’s here to stay.


The history behind the popular toys from bObles

The idea for bObles arose at the Copenhagen zoo during a maternity leave visit back in 1999. Here the founder Bolette Blædel was inspired by the many exotic animals to create a range of design furniture, that specifically catered to kids. At the time there weren’t really any furniture that encouraged the children to be physically active in the same way. After her trip to the zoo, Bolette began developing what would become the well known elephant by bObles – and because of this there now exist an array of toys and/or furniture by bObles, that encourages children to be physically active. In bObles varied range of furniture, that also can be used as toys, you’ll find some exciting products, made from unique design and materials, that works great for jumping, swinging, building, riding, and everything in between. The different animals give inspiration for different activities for the children, which is why you often see that the children enjoy having several different pieces of bObles toys to choose from, when they are building a new world of fun and mischief.


bObles – more than just great toys.

Learning is more than just a process in their head, for children. Children learn by using their body – and movement is such an important part of healthy development for children. It’s important for children to have activities that engage all their senses to get them trained thoroughly in the essential physical disciplines and functions. This is where the great toys from bObles are relevant. By playing with the toys from bObles, the children can have a great time while learning important gross motor skills, which have previously been hard to acquire. bObles toys are made of the firm and durable EVA-foam, it has the perfect balance between soft and firm, that makes bObles toys safe and easy to play with. Additionally, they are very easy to keep clean, and wont leave marks in sensitive wooden floors etc. Let the great toys from bObles help your child’s motor skills, creativity, and independence. With bObles toys, your children can build nice forts, difficult obstacle courses for themselves or other members of the family. The toys inspire to create, to establish rules and agreements, and to have a good time with the family or to create ones own universe. The simple design of bObles toys allow your child’s imagination to run wild.


bObles elephant – a modern classic of toys

The elephant was the first toy from bObles, the first of many innovative toys. It has also remained one of the most popular, as it really shows the versatility of the bObles furniture and toys. Place it upright and it is a footstool, or a surface that encourages curious children to jump on top of it, which also happens when you place it on one of its sides. When you turn it upside down, the child can sit in the hole, and use the elephant as a seesaw, or pretend it is a surfboard that’s riding on the big waves of the ocean. With bObles toys your child gets a versatile toy that sparks their fantasy and encourages them to experiment with its many different uses. bObles toys help improve balance, movement, coordination, creativity, learning, and so much more while still showcasing a family friendly design, creating the loveliest combination. There are also many other exciting animals in bObles range of toys. The lovely crocodile is the perfect friend for the elephant. With the crocodile your child can practice walking up stairs, pretend to be a mountain climber when the crocodile is on its back, or use the crocodiles stomach to glide down. If you have two crocodiles your child can use them as stilts.


bObles for the baby

Despite the fact that bObles was created to give the older children toys that would stimulate their motor skills and fantasy, they’ve now also created a lot of things that are targeting the youngest members of the family. For example they have the chicken that is kinda like a low version of the elephant, and is a great toy to begin motor skill development with. bObles doughnut is another product that works well for babies and that, like all the products in bObles range, continues to be fun as the child grows. bObles doughnut is a fun pillow, that can be used for sitting on, but it can also help the child improve its understanding of balance when it’s lying on its stomach on the doughnut.


Buy your toys from bObles here at Luksusbaby – quick and easy

At Luksusbaby we love to offer great quality and designer items for children. Which is why we have a wide selection of the popular bObles toys, which you can get in an array of colors and models. bObles toys are handmade, which means that some of the models can vary slightly in size. We try to send your order as quickly as possible so that you wont have to wait long before your children can explore their new bObles toys.

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