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CeLaVi creates amazing thermal clothes and rainwear for children. The coats from CeLaVi are created with the children in mind - they should be able to play and explore in any type of weather. It’s hard to not have a coat in daycare, kindergarten, or school, where the children play outside. The thermal clothes from CeLaVi is very durable, and it is especially great that there are reinforcements on the knees and on the back where it often experiences a lot of wear. The thermal clothes and rainwear is breathable, ensuring that the boys and girls don’t get wet from perspiration as they run around and play. Find thermal suits, jackets, rainwear, and accessories from CeLaVi right here at Luksusbaby.


Outerwear for active children

Do your children also love to play outside regardless of the weather? Do you also think it’s hard to find any outerwear that can handle the challenges of the weather? This won’t be a problem if you own outerwear from CeLaVi. CeLaVi is a recognized and quality conscious brand that offer a selection of great thermal clothing and rainwear, in array of colors for both boys and girls.

At we have curated a selection of the amazing products from CeLaVi. Among these are thermal jackets, rainwear, rubber boots and many more. We have a large selection of CeLaVi’s products, as we think these are some of the best products on the market when it comes to children’s outerwear.

You and your children will without a doubt appreciate CeLaVi as much as we do, as you are guaranteed many hours of fun without fear of cold, wind, and rain.


Protected in all weather

Clothes from CeLaVi has been made, with children who love to play and explore outside regardless of weather, in mind. The thermal clothing from CeLaVi is made from durable materials, with extra reinforcement on the knees as this is one of the areas the experience the most wear and tear. Our selection of thermal suits from CeLaVi comes in pink, blue, black and gray – ensuring that you should have a great chance of finding the suit for your child. There are two versions of the thermal suit, a basic version and a more insulating version that has a fleece lining and a water repellent coating. The warmer version is more appropriate to even wilder, wetter, and colder weather.

Both the thermal clothing and the rainwear is breathable, so the risk of your child sweating or overheating is minimal. This is an important aspects of CeLaVi’s clothing as children tend to run around and play wild games. The rainwear has taped seams, that keeps all water and moisture out, so that your children can keep dry, even when they’re splashing about in puddles or playing outside in the rain. The rainwear is available in black, pink, purple, and gray.

Remember to also have a look at our selection of rubber boots, gloves, and other accessories, to ensure that your children are completely secured against the rain or cold. You can also get long bibs and aprons with sleeves to avoid getting stains on your child's clothes during meals, baking, or other creative activities.


Find your outerwear here at

Buy your thermal clothing or rainwear quickly and easily here on our site. We can at anytime vouch for CeLaVi’s range and selection, as it will create the best possible experiences for your children in regard to outdoor play.

To ensure that we are giving you the best experience and service we’ve created a size chart, for CeLaVi’s clothing, that can help you find the right size for your child. This way we lessen the chances of you needing to return your item, and increase the chance that your child can get out and play quicker.

You are more than welcome to contact us here on this site, via chat, phone, or mail. We will always do our best to help you, enjoy your shopping!

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