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CeLaVi makes brightly-coloured warm outdoor clothing and rainwear for children.  CeLaVi clothing is made with the aim of keeping children playing and exploring outdoors in all weathers.  It is possible to use these clothes in everyday life in kindergarten, school, or wherever children play outside.  Outdoor thermal wear from CeLaVi is durable and well-made with clever reinforcements on the knees and at the back where children’s clothes often wear out.

CeLaVi outdoor clothing and rainwear is made from breathable fabrics so girls and boys will not be uncomfortable with perspiration when they run around, play and get warm. Find warm outdoor rain-suits, jackets, rainwear and accessories from CeLaVi right here at Luksusbaby.

Outdoor wear for active children

Do your children love to play outside whatever the weather?  But do you find it difficult to find suitable outdoor wear to cope with a typical British winter? This will not be a problem if you choose outdoor clothes from CeLaVi.  CeLaVi is a well-recognized, quality-conscious brand, featuring beautiful, warm outdoor clothing and rainwear in bright colours and adorable patterns for boys and girls.

At Luksusbaby we have carefully selected a beautiful range of CeLaVi clothes, including outdoor wear, rain suits, rubber boots and lots more. We have a wide range of CeLaVi products, as we believe that they are some of the best available when it comes to outdoor clothing for children.

You and your children will undoubtedly appreciate CeLaVi as highly as we do when you are guaranteed to be able to enjoy many hours of outdoor fun without fear of the cold, wind and rain!

Be protected in all weather

CeLaVi clothing is made with care and attention for children who love to play and explore outdoors in all kinds of weather.  CeLaVi outdoor clothing is made from durable material with extra reinforcement at the knees as this is a key point where children’s clothing often wears out first.  Our range of CeLaVi outdoor wear is available in pink, blue, black and grey – so there is a good chance that you will find a colour to suit your child.  In addition, there are two types of outdoor thermal clothing - a basic version, and an even more insulating version that includes a fleece lining and a special rain-repellent coating.  The thicker version is suitable for wild, windy and particularly wet weather conditions.

Both the outdoor wear and rainwear are breathable, so the risk of your children perspiring excessively or becoming too hot is minimal.  This, we think, is an important advantage of CeLaVi clothing, because children have to be able to race around and play crazy games.  The rainwear has taped seams to keep out water and moisture, so your children will remain dry even when they jump around in puddles and play outside in the rain.  The rainwear is available in black, pink, purple and grey.

Be sure to check out our range of rubber boots, mittens and accessories for your children.  You can also find long, protective sleeves, and aprons with sleeves to avoid getting food stains on your child’s clothes at mealtime and during other creative playing sessions.

Find your outerwear hear at Luksusbaby

Easily make your next purchase of warm outdoor clothes and rainwear quickly and directly here on our site.  CeLaVi’s clothing is chosen by us as it will allow your children the freedom to play outside in all weathers.

To give you the best possible shopping experience and service we have made a size guide to help you find the perfect fit of CeLaVi clothing.  That way we will reduce the risk of you having to return it, and your children can get outside to play in the cold and rain faster.

However, you are always more than welcome to contact us here on the site via chat, phone or email.  We will always do our best to give you a great shopping experience!

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