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By KlipKlap – Beautiful furniture for happy an active children

By KlipKlap is beautiful and durable furniture for children. Furniture that showcases the Nordic design trends and allows the children to play. With the varied range of exclusive furniture from By KlipKlap in your home, you’ll get furniture that remains beautiful even when your children are tumbling around in them daily. This is one of the cornerstones behind the design of the classical folding mattress and children's chair – that furniture from By KlipKlap must be able to withstand the intended audience – the children. Here the focus is on creating designs that inspires the children to use them. Not just to sit on or lie on, but to play on, build with, learn from, and develop with.

At Luksusbaby we take pride in offering the stylish parents the very best for their children. Which is why we’re so happy to be able to give you the opportunity to have a closer look at furniture from By KlipKlap, who represents some of the best in exclusive furniture, that’s especially designed for children. Even though this furniture is made for children, it’ll still fit perfectly in any home where the recognizable Scandinavian style is held, and where there’s room for the children to be children. Here at our site you can find a broad selection of the classical By KlipKlap furniture – among others the well known mattresses, chairs and sofas – in a wide range of beautiful colors and materials.

From idea to reality: The history of the child friendly design furniture from By KlipKlap

came from a need the creator felt. The owner of the brand By KlipKlap, Pia Lauritsen, who is the mother of two children, had to give up her search for mattresses that worked well for fun and tumbling, but also were stylish and created from good and environmentally friendly materials. This is what sparked the idea for the beautiful furniture from By KlipKlap. The mattress that Pia Lauritsen decided to create, had to be able to house the kids and their friends but also not take up a ton of space when it wasn’t in use. This was the first step towards the stylish folding mattress from By KlipKlap, and soon the prototype for the first “KK3fold” was ready. It has since then been produced in an array of designs, and has become a favorite in many homes with children – and we here at Luksusbaby are also incredibly happy to offer it and all the other impressive designs from By KlipKlap.

Explore the world of functionality and beautiful design created by By KlipKlap

By KlipKlaps design is both beautiful and functional, and it will fit well within any home. This means that By KlipKlap fits all the rules of the danish design philosophy. The functionality that is specifically designed to meet the needs of the children that will be using the furniture, a determined focus on choosing the right materials, as well as a simple and natural aesthetics that will please any parent that like the Scandinavian style. By KlipKlap use durable and safe materials for their furniture, to make sure they are good foundations for children’s play. Materials that bear the OEKO-TEX-certificat. Furthermore, By KlipKlap has found the right balance between beautiful furniture and functionality, which results in a range of very durable furniture that can withstand the children’s wild and unhindered play and movement.

Today By KlipKlap has a range of different models, that compliments their classic folding mattress beautifully. The current collection of furniture from By KlipKlap has a tumbling mattress that cannot be folded but has all the same great qualities of the original folding mattress. Furthermore, the original folding mattress has expanded and now consists of several others that fold differently and come in a range of sizes. The range of colors has also expanded, which means that you today can choose between an array of beautiful colors in Nordic tones and color nuances. By KlipKlap also has the beautiful chair that will create joy for many children and parents. The chair is made from the same great materials as the folding mattress is known for, but it’s shaped as a mini recliner. This ensures that you get a chair that fits children perfectly, so that they can get in and out of the chair independently.

With furniture from By KlipKlap, you give your children an opportunity to play

The aesthetically pleasing furniture from By KlipKlap allows for both big and small children to tumble and play games, that they might not otherwise be allowed to play at home. The folding mattress is really great for this, as it can be brought out and used in many different ways – depending on what model you own. The mattress can be made into a chair, a couch, a tumbling mattress and a miniature table, only your imagination can limit you. Which means that the children’s, at times limitless, imagination can open up for new ways of using the furniture.

At Luksusbaby, we love the design from By KlipKlap which is why we frequently have their furniture on sale, so that more people can enjoy the amazing furniture. If you’re considering investing in furniture by By KlipKlap then you’re more than welcome to contact us at Luksusbaby. We are happy to answer your questions, or help you pick the right model that meets both your needs and your child's.