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A Little Lovely Company

A Little Lovely Company brings a smile to your face

A Little Lovely Company has gone above and beyond to bring creativity, humor, and color to your everyday life. The brand manages to have a "lovely" impact on what can be a busy weekday, with their amazing products that are packed with personality.

A Little Lovely Company's many products put a smile on your face and an edge to your interior decorating. Whether it is the nursery, the kids' room, or any other room in your home. At Luksusbaby you'll find a selection that can bring new light to your interior decorating along with a fun and nice atmosphere in your kids' rooms. You will, amongst many other amazing things, find plenty of wonderful lamps and light chains for the room here!


A Little Lovely Lightbox for your kids' room

You and your kids can let your imagination run wild with the popular Lightbox-lamp from A Little Lovely Company. The lamp operates like an old-fashioned lightbox where you can change the letters and write different words and sentences. The Lightbox-lamp is decorative and can be placed anywhere you would like in your home. It is an easy way to put a personal touch on your home, or allow the kids to decide what they want it to say. The lamp also allows for a fun way for your kids to practice their reading and writing skills.

With the Lightbox you can incorporate your everyday life into your interior decorating. You can use it to display a motto, good advice, or congratulate someone on their birthday. When words and phrases like "Happy Birthday", "You go girl", or "World's best big brother" are displayed on the Lightbox, it can have a different impact. And as soon as you or the kids want something different, you can just move the letters around and create new words and new inspiration.


Neon is the new black

A Little Lovely Company has made many other light installations than just the Lightbox- and according to this brand; lights aren't just lights. Lamps can be used to create a personal style and a different decorating style in the kids' room. Here at you can explore the many lamps with their many different colors, wonderful shapes, and figures. Whether it be a neon-lamp for the wall, or a unicorn that lights up for the table, the lamps manage to grab your attention. There are also plenty of other products than just the lamps, such as things for the kids' room, the backpack, or the sand box – all in an array of happy colors! Get inspired to decorate the kids' room here!


A Little Lovely Company at

At you'll find a range of quality products from both Danish and international brands. They all contribute in their own way to create a universe of design classics, innovation, and functional products, ranging from furniture and equipment, to clothes and shoes. Luksusbaby chooses to sell A Little Lovely Company's products because it is a brand that adds a good mix of originality, humor, and classical design to the kids' room and at the same time allows for a unique and personal touch. Here at Luksusbaby you can look through an array of brands that each in their own way create a sense of luxury for the youngest members of the family – take a look at all the brands here.


The history of A Little Lovely Company

The owners of the brand are named Judith de Ruijter and Nikki Hateley. They started their adventure in 2014, which is the same year that Luksusbaby started. We find that pretty amusing, and it is exciting to follow this wonderful brand, A Little Lovely Company.

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