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A Little Lovely Company

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Color and fun during everyday life

If anything can bring a smile on your face - it is colors! So why not bring more of them into your everyday life. A Little Lovely Company manages to add amazing humor, atmosphere and happiness to their products which brings out the biggest smiles from children and parents. The way A Little Company becomes a part of everyday life, is to add the most amazing colors, beautiful motives on everyday products that parents often choose. But the children will love to be a part of choosing their next food box or drinking bottle.


Glitter and glam in the children's room

There is nothing better than stepping into a kids room, where it is obvious that the children has been involved with the decorating, and has put their own personal touch to it. A Little Lovely Company has everything that a kids room needs. Everything from bedding, lamps, snow globes and light boxes.

It probably sounds like stuff you can get anywhere - but just wait! What about a snow globe filled with glitter and a unicorn? Or what about a lamp shaped like a softice? Or even better - a projector that lights the whole room with stars, when it is dark. It suddenly doesn't sound so boring, does it?

It is the little things, that contributes to creating a fairytale atmosphere in the kids room. A Little Lovely Company manages to do just that!


Luksusbaby will help with the kids room

Children’s rooms should be unique, and a place the kids feel safe as soon as they enter. At Luksusbaby, we have a large, vast and carefully selected range of items for the children’s room. We are both in the side of the children and the parents when it comes to decorating. There is a great mix of mellow, clam and more bold colors.

If you wish to find further inspiration for the children’s room, you can take a look at brands like Sebra, Ferm Living, OYOY and That’s Mine. You will definitely find a lot of cute, funny and crazy items for children’s rooms. Maybe you will get lucky finding something in our outlet where there is money to save on a lot of great items.


Order today and decorate your children’s room as soon as possible

Have you found the perfect item for your children? We definitely understand that you want to receive it as quickly as possible. Therefore you can count on Luksusbaby to send your package as soon as possible so you can get started on decorating. you can read about our worldwide shipping right here.

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