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From Bottle to Bag

Have you ever though about how different materials can be reused to create something completely new and different? Affenzahn has! In order to reduce pollution, water waste and energy consumption, the bags from Affenzahn are produced with, among other things, recyclable PET plastic bottles. The bottles are going through a 6-step process to become a finished bag. The thread Affenzahn uses is made from melted PET-plastic bottles - that is cool.


A bag from Affenzahn is not just a bag!

Someting the German brand, Affenzahn, has accomplished is to create a sense of happiness and joy when carrying a bag or rolling with a suitcase. Not just because they are children sized - also because they manage to make the most beautiful color combinations, great expressions, funny functions and just an overall wonderful design. The bags are being personalized, so the children will love to roll with their own suitcase, and carry their own bag pack or gym bag around.

Most children have a favorite animal. Which animal does your child like the most? Is it the bag pack with Polly Pingvin? The suitcase with Finn Frog? or is it the gym bag with the tiger? The possibilities are endless, and we totally get that it might be difficult for your child to choose just one favorite. All bags and suitcases have a wonderful expression and amazing colors.

Affenzahn has really grasped how to make something as practical as a bag pack, suitcase and gym bag into something the children will find interesting and love.


Luksusbaby loves bags

Here at luksusbaby, we think that it is important for children to have a say in practical matters like picking a bag. We therefore accommodate most ages here at our website and have both bags for kindergarten and school. We have cool bags from adidas, Herschel, and Tommy Hilfiger, and cute bags from Konges Sløjd, Cam Cam and Liewood. We have something for everybody - it is up to the children to choose just the bag they think is perfect.


Have your Affenzahn delivered quickly

Have you found the perfect backpack, gym bag og suitcase now? We totally get that you want to have it delivered as quickly as possible so the children can show it to their friends at kindergarten or school. When you shop at luksusbaby, you can be sure that we send your package as quickly as possible. You can read about our shipping right here.

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