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On this page, you will find Luksusbaby’s selection of wellies from Aigle

On this page, you will find Luksusbaby’s selection of wellies from Aigle. Aigle is a French quality brand with proud traditions that can be traced way back to 1853. Many people know Aigle best for their timeless and classic riding boots. They do however also make wellingtons for both children and grown-ups.

A favourite for the kids

Aigle wellies is what you want, if you are on the lookout for the perfect wellington or thermos boot for your child.

The boots are great for children in particular, because they fulfil the need of a perfect fit. Boots are no good, if they wobble about when the children run around on the playground. They must be comfortable to wear and sit firmly on the feet. At the same time the boots must be easy for the children to take on and off by themselves. All those demands are met, with a pair of boots from Aigle.

The boots are also a perfect match for children because the boots are durable, soft and flexible. Children tend to wear down their shoes and clothes very fast. With a pair of boots from Aigle, do not have to be afraid that they are ruined as soon as you look the other way.


High quality

Aigle is one of the most popular brands when it comes to wellies- and thermos boots. They always deliver the same high quality as you expect. When you get a pair of Aigles in your hand you can immediately tell that they are of a great quality. Aigle does not cut corners. The boots are made from 100% organic rubber and therefore you can be sure that they are both comfortable and durable. The material and way of manufacturing also secures that the boots stay pretty in a long time – Even with frequent use.


Large selection

One of Aigle’s strengths are their great selection of colours and models. There is both classic colours like red, blue or black, but you can also buy a pair in a fresh pink or with flowers. There is truly a pair for everyone.

Furthermore, Aigle offers both long and short wellies. They know that not everyone likes the same kind. No matter what kind or colour you want, then you can find a pair of Aigles.

Here at Luksusbaby, we have selected the best of the best from Aigle and we are proudly selling the models Baby Fla cog Lolly Pop. Both model have the classic white stripes and are available in many colours. If you are more to a hunting look, you should take a look at the Perdrix. We do also have thermos boots in stock, which are both durable and super comfortable. One of the best models is the Gibolee, which quite unusually has a quilted piece at the top. This way it is not too tight around the legs on your child. If you want the absolute best for your child’s feet, then the Woodypop is just the one for you.

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