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Beast Lab Shark Beast

  • In stock 
  • 110,00EUR
Are you ready to see something really crazy?
You will be completely blown away when you see what magically appears from the fog in your little laboratory!
All the ingredients you need to bring out your mysterious shark monster are included!
The experiment must be done in the accompanying Beast Creator, where you do not yet know which of the two shark beasts you will get!
Is it Havoc Hammerhead or Mayhem Megashark? It will be insanely exciting to find out!
But for it to come out, you must first read and follow the manual, so that all the ingredients come in at the right time and in the right amount - that's the most important thing!
When it's time to reveal which beast is hiding in the fog, pull the lever and it will be revealed.
Your Beast Creator can easily be reset, so you can repeat your experiment in the lab again and again
  • From 5 years
  • Your beast has a swinging Power Strike attack and a battle roar
  • Real bio fog
  • Over 80 sounds, reactions and different lights
  • Bag of shower powder
  • Dissolvable paper
  • Bag of slime
  • Effervescent Pandemonium Crystal
  • The experiment can be repeated again and again
  • Pressed Fizz
  • Uses 6 x AA batteries
  • Batteries are not included
  • 32 x 20 x 25 cm
  • Instructions for use (important to follow and read it)
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Item no.: 79577
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